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  1. n@iledit

    Taking on an apprentice

    Who can take on an apprentice I understand how they are payed and what costs are to whom. I don't know what makes a business eligible to take on an apprentice.... I like the idea of taking on another member but worried about costs to me (so apprentice would be cheaper) and mainly I want them to...
  2. n@iledit

    Opening own salon?

    Im in the middle of applying for a shop to run a nail bar from.... what advice would you give me im in my 3rd year or working as nail tech and my work is high quality, husband earns enough to take care of our home and family so what i earn being mobile/home based has always been saved or used as...
  3. n@iledit

    Why so competitive?

    I started out in nails about 2 yrs ago and shortly after i started working on the general public another lady within my circle of friends/family went to train also, so close to home so miffed me a little but then thought hey it'll be nice to chat nails with some 1 and im sure there will be...
  4. n@iledit

    Winnie the Pooh's Piglet nails with nail art?

    Can any1 help tell me/show me any ideas/tutorials on how do this? Thanks geeks
  5. n@iledit

    My new client wants to report a bad technician

    Advice on this situation please, a new client has come to me with very sore nails and wants me remove current acrylics and rest the damaged nails to re apply some in a month or so, when i pointed her in the direction of an article regarding mma acrylics she said it describes her nails exactly...
  6. n@iledit

    Strange call or legitimate?

    I have been contacted by the police magazine (can't remember the name now) but was told basically its a magazine that's posted around the police force for our area with ads and articles in. They found out Im a new business from the council and offered me to be featured in there magazine...
  7. n@iledit

    Strange call or legit?

  8. n@iledit

    Dust extraction unit?

    Hi geeks. Where can i find a dust extraction fan for my small nail room? Thanks :)
  9. n@iledit

    Pricing help please?

    Can any of you geeks out there tell me how many sets of nails per 30g pot of gel? And how much a full set cost's a technician... My maths is poop and I don't even know where to start! "/ I use nsi gel but other brands info will be helpful too =) Thanks again geeks x
  10. n@iledit

    Flat Mica powders?

    I'm on the look out for flat mica colours not shimmery ones! can anyone point me in the right direction please? xx
  11. n@iledit

    DIY colour gels with pigments-wow!

    I have just played with my mica pigments, ive had them ages but not bothered to trial and error them to get it right. I have just played around and had some great results and im amazed at how little pigment is needed (used probably 1/4 pigment with clear gel and a tiny amount of white gel NSI...
  12. n@iledit

    Allergy advice... please help

    Hi geeks, I'll start from the beggining, I've been suffering with itchy skin for the past few yrs. It started with obstetric cholestasis during pregnancy (this meant I had bile leaking into my blood which caused the itching). My pregnancy was awful doe to the of and other problems also which...
  13. n@iledit

    Birthday nails! Inspiration needed

    Its a friends birthday and she's asked for something special/different so do you geeks have any ideas? im thinking glitter, are there any konad plates with chamagne glasses etc and happy birthday stamps???
  14. n@iledit

    Pitted nails

    I know that psoriasis can cause this but the client doesn't think she has ever had psorisis b4 is it that she has just never noticed or is there something else that causes this? She's never had any enhancements b4 so not damaged this way Kayleigh x
  15. n@iledit

    My loopy labrador has chewed my white acrylic powder!

    1. Will he be ok? Its the pot he chewed but obviously may have taken powder down too....? I didn't realze he could reach at the back of our work tops :-0 2. I have a client at 9am tomorrow for pink and white!!! I'm wondering if id be able to do body in pink acrylic and free edge in white...
  16. n@iledit

    New NSI apex builder gel-anyone tried it?

    Has anyone tried this new gel?
  17. n@iledit

    I want to jump on the CND Shellac bandwagon: is an NSI Gel and L&P workshop OK?

    as the title says really, can i buy shellac on a nsi gel cert without a course or do i need to do the course now? also if the answer is yes could some1 please send me the layer chart and most popular colours so i can ponder over a very generous order im being treated to from my hubby (im so...
  18. n@iledit

    94 year old gel overlay client, advice?

    one of my regular clients looks after her elderly mother and when im doing a treatment on the daughter the 94 year old mother wanted her nails doing so daughter books me to both next time (which was last night) i was worried about doing such a long treatment on an elderly lady as its hand in out...
  19. n@iledit

    Nail station rent

    morning geeks... i posted a few weeks back about being offered a nail station, so i have had an interview with the salon manager and the salon owner, both seemed very nice and said they will support me in growing my clientele, the salon is only 18months old its very very nicely done and...