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    How to clean facial bowls?

    Fairy liquid! Also, put in dish washer on a high temperature is brill and removes any little marks especially from lash tint [emoji4]
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    Gel and glitter

    For fine glitter I put a layer of clear gel and then top coat. For chunky glitter I put Smooth It and then top coat.
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    Outgrown home based salon, help!

    Put your prices way up. If you employ staff and gain overheads, you may be worse off financially. I speak from experience!!
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    Working from home moan

    If I'm working on a client at home and no other family member around, then I lock the front door and if anyone rings the bell then I just don't answer. Delivery men will usually just leave the package anyway and if it's a client enquiry they just go away. I have a sign with my website address on...
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    High frequency - brain hemorrhage

    Although high frequency current does not pass into the body - it's superficial, I would stay clear of ANY electrical treatments on this client just to be absolutely safe. You won't know why she suffered the haemorrhage and if she still has any underlying conditions. If she's coming for milia...
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    My CND Shellac application coat of colours look watery

    Yes, the paler colours often need 3 coats. Better to do 3 thin coats than trying to get full opaque coverage with 2 thick coats. No need to worry. Use an orange stick to stir the colour if it's been sitting for a while. Preferable to shaking I feel.
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    Discussion - is anyone using epilators in the salon?

    I've only used an epilator on myself so far, not on any client, however I know a small number of my waxing clients have disappeared after starting to use an epilator. They start with it as a touch up method but then get the hang of it and start doing their whole leg etc. I can see the point...
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    Brow wax

    the small size of the clean + easy roll on wax system is brilliant - so accurate for small amounts and always at the perfect temperature
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    Discussion - is anyone using epilators in the salon?

    Just interested to know if anyone is using an epilator as a salon tool rather than tweezers? As epilators are so much more advanced than years ago, sometimes I find myself tweezing out left over hairs and think, an epilator would do this so much more quickly and effectively. Heads could be...
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    Gel nails

    That's an odd one... Could the gel need mixing, looks like the pigment has separated once applied to the nail...or perhaps it's old stock? Perhaps make some samples on nail pops and see if it happens again?
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    Which facial products to use for home salon?

    I stick to charging the RRP for retail products. So if you look on line for the RRP and then you know the price you buy in at from the wholesaler, you can work out the % profit.
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    Best nail polish, opinions please?

    If you plan to offer gel polish, then my best tip would be to go with a company that makes normal polish to match their gel colours. Nearly all my clients like their fingers and toes to match but also like the flexibility of opting for gel or polish. For my clients I would say that: Pedicures -...
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    Hair and nails at same time

    As a therapist, doing manicures at the side of a client having their hair done isn't great. You're in the way of the stylist, hair cuttings get in the polish, clients move their hands too much, you have to do one hand then move round the other side to do the other (so applying polish is a pain...
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    As someone who has been working and lecturing in beauty for 30 years I'd like to point out that this 'old dog' has had to keep up with all the new innovation, exam board syllabus changes and new products, and it has been a pleasure. Time to close this thread I think, enough said.
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    First complaint has knocked my confidence

    Sounds like you have done all the right things but yes these incidents do leave you feeling incompetent- which of course you are not. You were very professional and discussed the options and outcomes. The client made her choice and agreed it was all ok before leaving her appointment. Try not to...
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    Claiming LVL

    Have you told LVL? They could take up the issue?
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    Online booking system just for myself - is it worth it?

    ha ha! Yep, got one of those too. This week it's the dispute with her neighbour over mending the fence between them!! :rolleyes:
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    Online booking system just for myself - is it worth it?

    Yes, I work alone from home and have often thought about on line booking too. I don't think it would work for my situation (but I'm sure for many others it's probably great!) My reasons not to do it are: A good 90% of my clients book their next appointment when with me - so quick to just write...
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    I have been insured by the Guild for a number of years and in 2016 I contacted them to clarify their position on treating children. I have attached the policy they sent me which lays out the do's and don'ts of working with children. Other insurance companies may well have the same rules but...
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    Roller wax in outer casing

    I think the clean + easy starter pack comes with a thermosleeve- so this might suit you if you want to use one cartridge at a time.