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  1. holisticzoe

    How much to charge for lash lifts?

    It depends on your area, I charge £30 inc upper and lower lash tint but am considering putting it up to £35
  2. holisticzoe

    Sheet masque

    Please can anyone reccomend a sheet masque for after Dermaplaning? Thank you
  3. holisticzoe


    I trained separately and just bought products
  4. holisticzoe


    I use clinicare peels, great results
  5. holisticzoe

    Facebook competition

    Hi Geeks, I'd like to run a Facebook comp to a win a couple of Eve Taylor products and to promote my business, obvs! What's the best way of doing this? I'm thinking liking and sharing the post and possibly tagging a friend, what are your guys thoughts? I do a lot on fb but this is my first...
  6. holisticzoe

    Spa manicure/pedicure

    I do full pedi and gel last, no problems with it lasting
  7. holisticzoe

    Removing lash rods

    A damp cotton pad usually works, hold the shield whilst you rub lashes off
  8. holisticzoe

    Shedul no longer free?

    I just have the basic version, haven't downloaded fresha, still using it all for free, reminders too
  9. holisticzoe

    Dermaplaning query

    It looks like there was no balm used causing the the blade to drag and leave little marks like cuts. Yes you can peel after dermaplane, without knowing what peel has been used it hard to comment, the skin usually does darken after some peels it then peels away after a few days, it's obviously...
  10. holisticzoe

    Need new lash lift product

    Second Ellebana
  11. holisticzoe

    Advanced facials

    Another vote for Dermplaning, microdermabrasion, I also do quite a peels peels in winter and microcurrent facials, I use Eve Taylor products with most treatments and occasionally do a traditional facial.
  12. holisticzoe


    Original callus peel
  13. holisticzoe

    Mobile card machines

    Sumup is brilliant, I bought the machine for £20 then pay 1.something % per transaction, money goes into bank in 3 days. Clients love it, it's super easy.
  14. holisticzoe


    Nope I've been doing it 3 years, no one has ever complained of that, I get alot of repeat business
  15. holisticzoe

    Lash lift

    You really need to discuss with your client the amount of they'd like, look at their shape, check for hoods and measure shield against lashes. It's not one size fits all.
  16. holisticzoe


    Callus peel, I do loads, get the original the UK one isn't as good.
  17. holisticzoe

    Bit of a laugh

    That is brilliant
  18. holisticzoe

    Recruitment advice, support, I'm at breaking point!

    Have you thought about renting 2 rooms out and keeping one for yourself? My friend had the same thing then rented rooms out and best thing she did.
  19. holisticzoe

    Online booking system just for myself - is it worth it?

    Mainly online bookings now it's so much easier for everyone, I just occasionally check my days and alter appointment times if I need to, you get to know how long your regulars take. No website needed you can link to fb book now button, I just think a website is more professional.
  20. holisticzoe

    Lash lift help please!

    Why dont you use the next size shield up ?