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    I am hoping it is ok to post this. The center staff, customers,friends and family are going dry for the month of January all in aid of cancer research. Inspired by uncle Len. Aka Mr Wallace, Fiona's husband,wee fee's dad. Please read his story and support this great cause...
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    Master painter course

    Just completed the course today. Thank you Natalyia for such a fun filled day :D Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Master painter course

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    Client complaints

    Just received this message and unsure how to reply Hi, I got Gel nails done on Thursday with Angela and one has snapped and another is falling off! I go away on Holiday tomorrow for 10 days and will have to get them done again/ fixed whilst im on Holiday! Could you please advise what you can...
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    Self employed

    I rent space in a salon and decided today to mark my book off (finish early friday and saturday off) to spend some time at home with the family, only to be abused by the owner that I can't take this time off! I've been there 9 months and took last Saturday off to go to a wedding but other than...
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    Self employed

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    Need advice - split nail

    I have a lady with a split from her free edge and it going down towards her cuticle ( sorry can't remember if its vertical or horizontal ) Any advice on what I can use or do. Thanks in advance x
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    Lashes, first set

    These took me 3 hours. Will I ever get my time down lol x
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    Wax starter kit

    I am doing a waxing course this month. The course provider supplies me with the product for the duration of the course. Can anyone recommend the best wax kit to buy
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    Gel help

    Looking for some advice. I'm qualified in l&p and gel overlay but I did a 3 month training placement within a local salon and had in salon training in gel extensions. The salon I'm renting space in the clients have been enquiring about gels extensions What I'm now wondering can I do a...
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    Black glitter

    I've had so many requests for this and wondering what is the best way to achieve this. Also does anyone have any photos x
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    Ventilation help

    Had a visit from environmental health today. Only thing I don't seem to have is adequate ventilation. Can you share your ways of ventilation in the salon as I now have 3 months to put something better into place!
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    Shellac infill?

    I have a client who phoned asking for an infill. I told her I don't offer infills but she said she's really unhappy with the regrowth. She has made an appointment to see me on Thursday and at this point she will be at day 12. I know ideally I would do a fresh set but what's the best way of...
  14. angelardn

    Help with nail biter!

    I'm at my wits end! The longest her nails last is 1 week. I sculpt l&p (just clear then polish) but her biting has got worse so I am now struggling even to put on a form. Any help and advice will be appreciated xx
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    Trade test

    I'm going for a trade test for a self employed position in a salon. Can anyone give me some hints and tips?
  16. angelardn

    Help, please

    I have home coloured my hair with xxl purple for the last 2 years and I've had enough of it now. What is the best way for me to have it removed and to get it close yo my natural medium brown again. Thanks in advance x
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    Help, please

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    Greg appreciation

    I have just saw on face book that he's coming to town :))
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    Miracle baby

    Please share this for my friend Can everyone please like this photo of neve to help win a photoshoot. Remember to like the page aswell♥
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    Latest in Japanese nail art

    Just found this on a site I subscribe to..