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  1. Hannah84

    Longevity of polish

    Hey all, Can anyone shed some light on an issue I'm suffering from.... I've a client who nails won't hold any polish... Standard, gel or bio sculpture! She takes no meds, but does suffer with endometritus.... Could this be the source of our frustration ‍♀️ I've had plenty of clients before with...
  2. Hannah84

    Has anyone had been asked this before?

    Hey All, Ive had a client who has electrolysis. Unfortunately she's moving to a small island, where there is no salons for treatments!! She's obvs had positive results with the electrolysis & is keen to keep them up, but I'm too far away to visit - as is the main land! So she asked: What do i...
  3. Hannah84

    Threading course in the south?

    Hi all, anyone been on a good threading course in the south?? Cheers
  4. Hannah84

    Client sensitive to eyebrow tint-can I still tint lashes?

    Hi all, I've had this client for nearly 10 years. I've tinted her lashes n brows without issues, however over the last year her eyebrows have started reacting. I've stopped, done patch tests, and even used a lesser peroxide. But yo no avail! As mentioned I can still tint her lashes without rant...
  5. Hannah84

    Grand opening

    Hi all, I'm a newbie who's after a lil bit of advice. I've had a salon for 7/8 years now, I've just built an additional room in my garden& I'm thinking of having a grand opening..has anyone done1 of these? Or even an open evening??all information appreciated:)cheers x