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  1. g5m_sh

    Calling all dog whisperers... Need your help!!

    Hi Geeky dog lovers... I have a problem with my oldest dog Sniff (18month Jack Russell) since i have getting Scratch the new pup (also a JR now about 13weeks) he barks at people in the street, even if they don't have another dog with them... Its getting slightly embarrassing, and nearly got...
  2. g5m_sh

    MAC - do they do make-up courses???

    Does anyone know, if MAC does make-up courses?? I cant find anything on the net... I have emailed a friend of a friend who works for MAC in Manchester to see if she knows. Just thought i would ask you guys as well. Thanks xx
  3. g5m_sh

    Do many of you get clients asking for coloured acrylic?

    Hiya Geeks, I have been thinking of getting the CND bolds collection (dont know where they are gonna go in my box, but thats a different thread) Thing is, i never get anyone asking for colours, but i dont know if thats because i dont have them to offer iykwim!! So... do you get clients...
  4. g5m_sh

    Tinted Moisturiser - what brand to you use

    I will no doubt posted this in the wrong place...BUT... What tinted moisturiser to you use?? I have been looking for one for weeks now, not many brands do them tbh... i use estee lauder double wear foundation, but when i have a tan, i look like a doll when i use foundation. They also do a...
  5. g5m_sh

    Mobile wax geeks...

    Hiya geeks. Just a Q for you mobile wax geeks. I currently use Clean + Easy roller wax, and store it in a aluminum brief case with all my bits and bobs in that, when i go to use it, i just stand the case against the wall open it and then plug my heater in. I am going to be using...
  6. g5m_sh

    Happy Birthday Hippy-Chick!!

    Happy Birthday Ann!!!!! Hope you have a lovely day & Night. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. g5m_sh

    Tantrick geeks - Clacton-on-sea

    Hiya Tantrick geeks... Is anyone from Clacton-on-sea?? If you are, can you PM me your details please? I have a lady thats wants a Tantrick tan in your area. Thanks xxxxxxxxxx
  8. g5m_sh

    I want red hair... if i dont like it, can i go back brown????

    Hiya geeks! I am thinking of going red... if i don't like it, can i just go back brown? Never been red before, but have been blonde. When i have gone back brown, i have always died it red 1st then brown so it should work... but thought i would ask some pro's 1st! xxx
  9. g5m_sh

    Eyelash Extension Course / Training

    Hiya every one... As most of you know, i done my lash course at the weekend. 2 WHOLE days... we worked non stop, ALL DAY, BOTH DAYS! There was loads to take in. Loads of practical work and loads of theory! I come away knowing i am comfortable enough to let rip on a paying client! I have...
  10. g5m_sh

    Spray tan tent - what do you clean it with?

    Just want to see what you's lot clean you tent with! x
  11. g5m_sh

    Just had a call, asking if i want to sign up with them! 1st it was 300 sign up fee then 30 a month and they would guarantee as many clients as i want! When i said i wasn't really interested, they said as they needed the Sunderland area covered ASAP they would have 200 set up fee. I haven't...
  12. g5m_sh

    I have birds nesting in my wall...

    Just wondering if any of you's are Bird Geeks! When i moved into my house 2year ago, i got a load of work done, mainly in my bathroom. I moved my sink so it was central in the bathroom rather than in the corner. Anyway, when i moved the sink, i covered up the whole in the wall inside but not...
  13. g5m_sh

    Mobile Beauty Couch

    Hiya Geeks I have searched and searched for threads on this but i cant anything. I am looking for a lightweight, mobile beauty couch! (small-ish) It has to fit in the boot of my car (06 Tigra)! The boot is huge, but it doesn't fit my bed in that i have (big, heavy, black leather one)...
  14. g5m_sh

    Mmmm... New Spray Tan solution from Tantrick - Essence of Summer

    Just received my EOS Solution in the post... OMG!!! It smells unreal... Cant wait for my boyfriend to come home so he can spray me! I have sprayed my face in the 175ml pump spray for the time been as i cant wait till 4pm... Anyone tried it yet?? I will let you's know what it...
  15. g5m_sh

    7303 - what do you need!

    Hiya every one what qualifications do you need before you do 7303 course?? Will i just need to be trained in the stuff i want to teach? Thing is, all my training as been done private - i havent got any NVQ's Hope some one can help! xx
  16. g5m_sh

    CND Nail Tech, Waxing, Spray Tan - looking for work

    Lookin for full/part time work xx
  17. g5m_sh

    Tantrick Trainer for Tyne & Wear, Teeside & County Durham

    Please contact for more training info.xx
  18. g5m_sh

    Make-up Course

    Hiya every one! I have searched and searched and cant find what i am looking for. I am wanting to do a make-up course. A private one will be best i think. Who did you's lot train with and who's best / worst? Thanks xxx
  19. g5m_sh

    How do i tousle my hair (extensions)

  20. g5m_sh

    How do i tousle my hair (extensions)

    I have bobed hair to my just below my chin, when i go out i normally glue some wefts in my hair so i look different, i use about 5 foot of hair all together so it look dead thick... Anyway i want to know how to tousle it, i want to do it before i glue it in. I haven't got time to...