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  1. liza smith

    Nails verses hair?

    I would like to chuck the cat among the pigeons! Quite often when I log on here, there are numerous posts about "what training shall I do?" The general topic of conversation is centred around "cheap" vrs "expensive" Let me pose a question that may help some of you decide where you...
  2. liza smith

    Fashion week starts Today!

    What a week so far, and fashion week only starts today! Ive spent more hours on my laptop communicating with designers, stylists, make-up artists and agents this week than ive slept:eek: We kick off today with our 1st show at 4pm, and we are using Minx, yay!! I have to be at a Hair and...
  3. liza smith

    NAIL IDOL......... coming soon!

    make sure you guys get you scratch mag next week, there will be info in there regarding NAIL IDOL thats all for now.........................
  4. liza smith

    Which embedded nails are your favourite?

    Hi Guys Im asking those of you who already do embedded nail art, or would like to try it, what is your favourite look? Myself and CND educator Justine Crick are going to Leeds on Mon 19th Oct to do 2 sessions of demo's on "fantastic tips" for monday mentoring. Im meeting up with Justine at...
  5. liza smith

    Models needed for nailympics

    Hi guys Ive eventually managed to sort out my diary and have decided i can do the nailympics at the weekend. My usual model is expecting her 3rd child, and another is on holiday :cry: Im looking for mainly sunday as I only have 1 category on Monday and it looks like im sorted for then. The...
  6. liza smith

    Oportunities for techs at Gap

    Hi all Just bumping this up, due to urgency! I posted last night about urgently needing manicurists to build up another team to work in London on 10th sept. The post has been moved to recruitment, which makes sense, but this is a 1 off oportunity that I need to urgently wrap up. If u know...
  7. liza smith

    Manicurists needed for job for Gap and Banana Republic - 10th September

    Hi everyone I havent been on the site for too long, where HAS this yr gone?! However, I know where to come when I need help. I am providing a few teams of manicurists for promotional events for Gap and Banana Republic on Thurs 10th sept, 6-10pm. We are a few short and are looking for some...
  8. liza smith

    Free manicures in Gap next Sat

    Hi guys What are you all doing next sat 6th Dec? Do u fancy a free manicure? I have 3 teams of 4 nail techs setting up shop in all 3 Gap shops in Oxford st. That is Oxford st Oxford circus Bond st I will b in the Oxford st branch, and we will be offering FREE mini manicures to Gap...
  9. liza smith

    Nail Tech needed near Kings Lynn

  10. liza smith

    Nail Tech needed near Kings Lynn

    Hi guys An old client of mine has recently moves back from Canada and is living near Kings Lynn PE12 9AT. She is desperete to find someone that sculps with L&P as opposed to Tip & overlay. She went to a non-english speaking salon today and they tried to cut all her nails off and put...
  11. liza smith

    competition lessons learnt!

    Hi guys I wanted to post to let you all know that you never stop learning, no matter how much you have achieved so far. This time last yr, I came home from Birminham comp with 2x 1st place trophies. I came home from the Nailympics last May with the trophy for the top UK competitor in div...
  12. liza smith

    Models needed for Birmingham!

    Hi all This time last yr, I found myself in the same position as I do now. Due to illness, I went from 3 models to 1. I only need 1 or 2 this yr, but again due to situations beyond their control my model cant make it :cry: 2 of my models are out of the country and others have family...
  13. liza smith

    competition excel

    hi all you compers out there! just to let you all know i wont be able to compete at excell, much to my dissapointment :cry: i will be working backstage at paris fashion week with the CND team and wont be back till mon morn. ive got the awards mon night, so at least it will give me a...
  14. liza smith

    good luck to compers!

    hi all due to a crazy diary recently, i made the decision to not compete at g-mex this weekend. to all that know me, you will know how gutted i am not to be there. i want to offer the biggest sack of good luck to all that are competing 2day and 2moro. i know how much we all put into...
  15. liza smith

    who's who on my new salon wall???!

    just thought id let u all guess who is on our new salon wall. i wont let too much out, as the geeks that manage to come to our party will get 1st look, but we will post photos afterwards. in 1 of our new cubicles we have put up loads of pages of stuff that lots of you will have seen b4, it...
  16. liza smith

    party instead of olympia?!

    hi guys my salon has been in its new premises for 1yr on the 6th sept. we r finishing an expansion to the premises, and plan to hold a party to celebrate. now that we dont have olympia to look forward to, i was thinking of asking any geeks that can make it if they want to come to our party...
  17. liza smith

    model needed urgently!!

    hi all The last time this happened, you came to my rescue. I'm competing at the NEC show in Birmingham. I'm entered in 4 categories, and at the last minute one of my models has cried off as she is very poorly:cry: If ANYONE knows anyone who can be a model either tomorrow &/or Mon, please...
  18. liza smith

    urgent for notsonewgeek!

    hi all, i urgently need to contact lisa (notsonewgeek). she is my model on mon for the comp, but my phone has crashed and ive lost all my contacts:irked: ive pm'd her, but she is due down in london 2moro and im worried she wont get it. if anyone knows her, (i know lucia does), can they ask...
  19. liza smith

    B&B in brighton?

    help needed urgently from any geeks in brighton! hubby is treating us to a weekend away. sat night we r going to see paul weller in brighton, and sunday we r going to see pink in bournmouth!:lol: he has only just won the tickets on ebay, so its all last minute. we have been trying for 24hrs...
  20. liza smith

    urgent! model needed for gmex!