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  1. hairtoday

    Absence from work

    How much absence from work is ok . I have a member of staff over the last two years has had ten days each year ,so far this year it is already five days . She is part time and works three days . My issue last week was I had some staff on holiday so was relying on her how ever her little girl was...
  2. hairtoday


    We have been using fiberplex in the salon for a week now . The results have been amazing . Has anyone else tried it yet
  3. hairtoday

    Personalising your gowns

    I have just received the sample of her dressing gown embroidered with your salon logo . The logo is a really good likeness however where do people get that from xx
  4. hairtoday

    Using your logo on the photograph

    Can anybody help me how you would super impose your logo on the photograph for Facebook use . Any salons seem to super impose their logo on any photographs can anybody help thank you [emoji3]xx
  5. hairtoday

    Schwarzkopf keratin supreme

    I use keratin complex but unfortunately the new formulas aren't as good . So I was wondering has anybody used keratin supreme . Thank you x
  6. hairtoday

    Online bookings

    I've been thinking for some time now to start our online booking there is a little extra charge with the system I use do people find it worth it . Thank you x
  7. hairtoday

    On line bookings

    We are thinking about starting on line booking soon ,how do you find it , is it worthwhile ? Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  8. hairtoday

    Do you pay for lunch?

    Can any one help ,do you pay staff when there on a break thank you Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  9. hairtoday

    Stylist wanted-Durham

    Award winning salon Is looking for Experienced stylist , Professional and friendly down-to-earth salon please pm me .thank you . Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  10. hairtoday

    Eve Taylor facials in Newcastle

    Anybody point me in the right direction I've been wanting to have an Et Facial for ages ta Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  11. hairtoday

    How can I become a facialist

    I am a qualified hairdresser of 27 years And have qualified in Swedish massage Indian Head I love doing treatments and would like to know how I can learn to do facials . One way is to do evening classes for two years beauty therapy But I only want to do facials . Are there any private courses I...