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  1. VickieC

    How can I get this look?

    I get asked for this glittery French in shellac so many times. I can't ever seem to find a polish to do the job, am I missing something!? I have the usual shimmers such as grapefruit and even vip status but they are not as bold. Was thinking ice vapour but Iv searched it and no one seems to have...
  2. VickieC

    Would like a professional opinion on my Nouveau eyelashes

    I had nouveau eyelashes done yesterday for my hen do, iv never had them before but i cant believe how sore and sharp they feel! They also dont look like i thought they would. Im mostly wanting to know your opinions as i was planning on keeping them in for the wedding in 2 weeks time and...
  3. VickieC

    Patch test for a eyelash tint - She says I don't need one?

    Hello everyone! I am a nail geek and have just popped over because i need some professional advice! ( hope iv posted in the right place!) I have been wanting a eyelash tint and perm for agesss so finally decided to book. It is so hard to find someone who does this, almost impossible! Why is...
  4. VickieC

    D Sperse question!

    Hello everyone! Iv just been to order a few things from S2 .. and it says this about Dsperse - Isoprpyl Alcohol for gel dispersmant layer removal - perfect for Shellac and Brisa. So i know this sounds silly but i just want to confirm as i have always used scrub fresh, can Dsperse be used to...
  5. VickieC

    Anyone know what this condition is?

    Hello Geeks. Does anyone know what this could be? ( i hope iv attached the photo right!) That is actually bruising not red polish! She said it is incredibly painful. Iv asked if she has worn tight shoes and the only time she has was nearly two months ago and this has only come on recent. Can...
  6. VickieC


    Doesnt this sound exciting!... Umm ..What is it? I have seen the Minxlusion BASE COAT Heres what it says.. "has been created for Minx LAYERING purposes. Not to be used by itself but to be used under sheer Minx options to give amazing metallic depth." So are the layering minx's available...
  7. VickieC

    Minx Party question - quick response needed please!

    Iv just had a lady book for a minx party for 9 people - i really dont wanna turn this down, but it is even possible to minx 9 people in one night? Does anyone have any tips on this? I was thinking of minxing the host and a few before the party -or asking her to split it and have two different...
  8. VickieC

    Anyone do mobile Waxing & Spray Tan in Wakefield?

    Hello! Iv come over from the Nail geeks! Is there anyone in Wakefield (or Leeds) that doesnt do nail treatments? but does waxing, spray tans or anything else in this line of work? The amount of calls i get from people wanting quite a big range of treatments! I was looking for someone to...
  9. VickieC

    Nail biter, rebalance, & soak offs!

    Hiya, After finishing all my training finishing my website and advertising, i am getting quite a few clients! But just a little stuck on a few things.. I am mobile and had a client yesterday who said she had short and stumpy nails, when i got there she was a reeeally bad nail biter. She had...
  10. VickieC

    The royal wedding - Crazy Nails!!

    Not sure if anyone has seen these, i think they are pretty strange! :eek: LOL! Royal Wedding Nail Decals So whats everyones opinions on these??
  11. VickieC

    Sweet Squared shop opening times?

    Does anyone know what times the sweet shop is open in Leeds? Is it open at weekends? Thanks x
  12. VickieC

    Scrub fresh

    After doing 5 sets of nails so far i was so proud of myself as i can see an improvement every time i do i new set. I just did my last one today and have just realised i forgot to scrub fresh one of her hands :( i did all the other steps of prep so dissapointed with myself...
  13. VickieC


    Hello geeks! Sorry for the dumb question but its been bugging me for ages, and i think i need someone to explain... Why do we try and create perfect smile lines, why dont we just stick on white tips? and why do some people use white tips and not white powder? Its obviously a lot easier to...
  14. VickieC

    Do I need the same model who I took on day 3 for my day 4 rebalance?

    I have just done day 3 of my foundation course at cnd. They said it would have to be the same person for day 4 rebalance so we can fix the problems we have made etc which is obviously understandable, but my model has just told me she isnt going to be available for my next date. As it was only...
  15. VickieC

    Home based

    Hello :) Well my cnd course doesnt start for another 6 weeks, and as advised by the geeks on here i have resisted the urge to to have a go on my nail trainer until my course starts! So all i can do for the next few weeks is plan ahead and get ideas together...Well here is my latest one! Im...
  16. VickieC

    Mates Rates

    Well after what happened tonight i really need some advice from people in the know!! Im starting my cnd Signature5 Foundation Course in dec, Iv been telling everyone about it as im so excited to get started!! But all people are saying is ..'oh great i can get mate rates' i personally wouldnt be...
  17. VickieC

    Signature5 Foundation Course leeds 13th Dec??

    Anyone starting the Signature5 Foundation Course in Leeds on the 13th Dec?? I ammmm :green: xx
  18. VickieC

    Glue help please!!

    Im starting my CND foundation course soon (very excited!!) my friend has offered to lend me her essential nails course kit as she no longer uses it for a bit of extra training before my CND course. well she has everything but is missing the glue, I was going to buy this but iv heard the glue...