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    Advice on how to treat these nails

    Could anyone please advise me on best treatment on these nails. Also any reasons that could have caused this damage. They are very dry and cracked, been treated weekly with IBX and solar oil for the last month. Shellac has not been used and not sure when it would be ok to start using shellac again.
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    Half moon glitter manicure

    I have seen these recently and love them. I have tried to recreate them on color pops before attempting on my own nails. They don't look right, can anyone give me any tips. I have done full rock stars including top coat then colour coat and carve out then cure. Do you need to do 2 colour coats...
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    Removing Shellac from very dry nails?

    Could anyone advise me please on how to make nails smooth before applying Shellac. At the moment my own nails are really dry, could this make removing Shellac more difficult? It takes ages trying to get it off and they are left with delamination and so dry. At the moment I apply solar oil at...
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    Advise on using daylight magnifying lamp

    I am using a Daylight Naturlight Magnifying Lamp bought from Ellisons. Does anyone else use this? I find it fabulous for seeing what Iam doing, but just had a thought that this could be the reason for finding during application Shellac is harder to work with ie brush not fanning out and Shellac...
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    Buffing before Shellac?

    Is it ok to buff nails before applying shellac? After removal the nail plate is never smooth. I know that buffing should not be required. Iam getting so frustrated with my own nails because I do buff them but it can't be doing them any good. I have applied IBX twice and smoothing gel but it...
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    Problem toenail

    Can anyone advise on this please? Would you do a service on it or advise seeking medical advice? Thanks
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    Ombre nails

    Had a go on my own nails doing ombre using just nail Polish did not turn out very good. :( I did a base coat then applied three colours onto sponge then rolled the sponge over the nail. I did it a few times to build it up then 2 top coats as it wasn't very smooth with just 1. Would appreciate...
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    Shellac removal service

    I have a client who is coming for Shellac removal only, she is going to leave getting a reapplication at the moment. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what the service should involve. Also don't know how much to charge her. Thankyou.
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    Stripes with Shellac

    I would like to have a practice doing stripes with shellac. Could anyone give me any tips on how they do it. Tried to attach a photo of ones I have seen but couldn't get it to work. I have striping tape but not very successful on tips that I was having a play with. Thanks
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    Storing Smoothing gel brush

    Hi, I was recently on Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel Course and was told to leave some Gel on brush and store it in a box between treatments. I have read some threads on here but still feel that I am missing something prior to using it for a new treatment as it is not pliable. Can anyone tell me...
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    Cuticle on bitten nails?

    Hi, Can anyone give me some advise on a new client that has lots of cuticle on her bitten nails. I pushed it back using cuticle away but am hesitant to clip all but the loose bits as I am bit nervous of hurting her. She has rebooked for another Shellac manicure in a fortnight and I would like...
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    Beaus lines?

    I have read some threads relating to beaus lines but cannot find any to help with how to apply shellac to them. I only do natural nails so putting on an enhancement is not an option. I did all usual pep but would appreciate any tips on how to make them look good. Found that I had to put more...
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    Trouble removing Shellac

    Just wondering if anyone else has a problem when removing Shellac. The shiny part of polish coming off fine but then leaves a residue thats stuck fast to nail. I use Dsolve and leave on 10 mins but must be doing something wrong cos I no it should come off easily with no scraping. Trying to...
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    Sally's practice hand

    Hi, Just bought a cheap Practise hand from Sally,s but was unable to buy tips in the shop to fit it. My CND ones don't fit either. Could anyone let me know if they have any that do. Want to get practising some nail art. Thanks :confused:
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    Stressed out nails

    I had a friend in last night getting shellac manicure. Being fairly new to the nail profession would appreciate some advise on her nails. Its her 4th treatment and her nails are in poor condition. She is using her solar oil and I had hoped there would be some improvement by now. She has a...
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    Feel like giving up!

    Hope you geeks can help get my enthusiam back. My own nails are in such a bad way after taking off Shellac that was really hard to remove. They are dry and feel quite rough. Thought I would try putting polish on to give them a rest from shellac but they are so uneven they look awful. My CND...
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    Oh no, what an idiot!

    Just finishing Shellacing my sisters nails and instead of Top Coat went and put Base Coat instead on 2 nails. Has anyone else done this and if so what did you do? Iam so annoyed at myself because she is still being so patient with me as a model while I am still practising. Thanks
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    Glitter Additives

    Iam using the new glitter additives doing two coats of colour but would be interested to know if it really needs it to look good or am I just giving myself extra work. Thanks
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    Smooth Shellac application

    Hi can anyone help me with getting rid of what I think is cuticle that has been left on the nail after applying the colour coat. Tryed using an orange wood stick but not solved the problem. Should I just remove and start again. Thanks:lol:
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    Shellac on ridged nails

    Had client who is 82 yrs old, very ridged dry nails in for Shellac Manicure. I was disappointed with result cos they were quite patchy looking in parts. Always try to put thin layers but on this client perhaps should have used more product. Iam still very new to it and would appreciate any...