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  1. Beauty_Geek

    Russian volume lashes West Yorkshire?

    Hi bonkers how much do you charge for lashes? Looking at getting some done. Thanks :)
  2. Beauty_Geek

    Make up artist discount

    Cheers guys :) I've only done a vtct level 2 with make up as a module as well as a couple of other short courses. Do you think this is enough of a qualification? Xx
  3. Beauty_Geek

    Make up artist discount

    Hi geeks I've come across an amazing article And I was just wondering how you fellow make up artists go about getting your discounts. I can't work out if I need a licence and where I can get...
  4. Beauty_Geek

    Kitty hasn't come home

    I've always said this about the microchips. My dogs a little Houdini and escapes all the time. I almost broke my leg once chasing her and tripping over something in an alley and going flying, landing all my weight on one knee. Got up and carried on running though and she ran straight into my...
  5. Beauty_Geek

    Kitty hasn't come home

    Haha that's so funny! Xx
  6. Beauty_Geek

    School seeks therapist

    That's amazing I wish someone had done that at my school! Learnt so much when I did some short make up courses last year and I just wish I'd learnt it when I was younger x
  7. Beauty_Geek

    Client did a bunk!

    Lol!! X
  8. Beauty_Geek

    Favourite Films

    I watch Robin Hood price of thieves every Christmas Day :) I love it so much. Me and my godmother know it word for word xx
  9. Beauty_Geek

    Kitty hasn't come home

    I'm sure this has been invented, or I did in my sleep :) great idea either way. Me and your son are genius's :) x
  10. Beauty_Geek

    Kitty hasn't come home

    Love this!! Xx
  11. Beauty_Geek

    Tanning injections!

    I know me too. I was on one today and it was far too hot. Had to get off it 4 times and I only went on for 9 mins. Something wasnt right there xx
  12. Beauty_Geek

    Amber hair glue

    Anyone? X
  13. Beauty_Geek

    Kitty hasn't come home

    I hope he comes home Lydia xx
  14. Beauty_Geek

    Client wanting refund for acrylics

    Trading standards won't do anything hun don't worry. It's not worth their time for £10. I reported someone for £100 and they just gave me advice x
  15. Beauty_Geek

    Amber hair glue

    Help need some amber glue for hot fusion and I've not got any! Where do you purchase yours from? And I'm halfway through a black one so how would I get it out? Going to lose a new client if I don't get my act together :( x
  16. Beauty_Geek

    Tanning injections!

    I know, that's why I googled it. How horrible would it be, breaking the door down and just seeing her there... My boyfriend said its irresponsible of them letting her go on at that weight. Plus it was her third 12 mins session in as many days, they kept no record of any medication she may have...
  17. Beauty_Geek

    Treatments on children

    I had a mum booked in for a facial and her daughter booked in for an eyebrow shape by my college a couple of weeks ago. The daughter was only 12. I did them as it was 2 of the topics I needed for my assessments. I was happy doing the eyebrows as her eyebrows were very heavy and made her look...
  18. Beauty_Geek

    Epic fail at waxing

    Well I did my sugar paste assessment in college today and just as the tutor came in to see how I was getting on I pulled up, the end of the paste did a full 360 around my hand, still attached to my hand by a long length of paste and splattered on the bed, back on my clients leg and all over her...
  19. Beauty_Geek

    Tanning injections!

    I just googled the story about the girl dying on the sunbed, more for my own morbid curiosity than anything else, and they've just held an inquest. The coroner said she died of a heart attack, her bmi was 58 and her death was nothing to do with the injections, only her weight. I'm not condoning...
  20. Beauty_Geek

    LVL lashes, Warrington

    Thank you that's great xxx