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  1. ClaireFallowfield

    Prices for newly qualified gel polish technician

    Good morning, I am doing my manicure and gel manicure courses in October, and I was wondering on how much to charge? I am going to be using Ink London products, but I have no idea on what to charge. I don't want to be over charging, but I also don't want to be selling myself short. I know...
  2. ClaireFallowfield

    Manicure and gel polish course

    Hi guys, I have booked myself onto a manicure course and then a gel polish course, for the beginning of October. I'm so excited as wanted to do this for years. I was wondering what you guys bought for your mobile businesses? As want to slowly build up a client base. I know I'm going to need the...
  3. ClaireFallowfield

    OPI manicure and pedicure course, London

    Good morning, So I have finally decided that I am going to do the OPI manicure and pedicure course, and looking at locations I think London is going to be the easiest for me to get to. But I have a couple of questions before I book onto the course. I am wanting to build up a business of...
  4. ClaireFallowfield

    OPI training courses?

    Good evening Was just curious to see if anyone had done an opi basics course? It's on my consideration list. Was wondering what it was like, and where the centres are located? As can't seem to find that! Thanks
  5. ClaireFallowfield

    Bio Sculpture training Norfolk

    Good evening So after thinking about it, I have decided I want to do the biosculpture evo course, and their website says there is a training centre in Norfolk but doesn't specify where... Any ideas? Also has anyone done the course?? Would love some honest opinions Thanks
  6. ClaireFallowfield

    Best general nail training?

    Good morning ladies and gents. My name is Claire and I am really interested in doing a general nail course. I have no experience in the industry at all and will be starting from scratch. I've been searching the Internet for weeks but have no idea what I am looking at. At the moment I want to...