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  1. abbieshuttleworth

    Salon won’t pay me!

    Thankyou so much! This is just the info I needed[emoji30]!
  2. abbieshuttleworth

    Salon won’t pay me!

    That’s my problem I don’t have a contract in writing as I left after the two weeks as I hated it there, this was before I was given my contract, worked for two weeks under the basis that I was on £10 an hour! but I haven’t received my pay still, I don’t really have a leg to stand on now do I‍♀️!
  3. abbieshuttleworth

    Salon won’t pay me!

    Hi guys looking for some advice! I started working at a salon doing lash extensions for £10 an hour, we had complaints from people having bad retention through the hot weather and now my boss is refusing to pay me as she’s had to ‘fix’ them? Where do I stand on getting this pay as it’s two weeks...
  4. abbieshuttleworth

    Best starter spray tanning kit?

    Thankyou for the reply! Was deffo the info I was looking for, yeah I saw their offer online but was a bit unsure as I hadn’t heard of many reviews on it! Is there any other solutions you would recommend to try?[emoji171]
  5. abbieshuttleworth

    Best starter spray tanning kit?

    I know this has probs been asked a billion times but what tanning kits do people recommend for a small beginners starter kit?
  6. abbieshuttleworth

    Russian lashes brands?

    Hi no they don’t, unfortunately I’ve gone with the beauty Academy due to location and the dates available.
  7. abbieshuttleworth

    Russian lashes brands?

    Going on my Russian lash course soon so are wanting to stock up on lashes so I can experiment straight away, already practiced making fans with noir lashes but any others people would recommend to give a try?
  8. abbieshuttleworth

    Patch testing for eyelash extensions?

    Could you send me the link please would love to have a read x
  9. abbieshuttleworth

    Patch testing for eyelash extensions?

    I’ve had friends that have been trained and they’ve been told not to do it as it is a waste of time (how shocking). I then did a bit of reading and I use lashbase crystal plus glue, read this article: I am still going to be patch testing as I would like to...
  10. abbieshuttleworth

    Best classic lash extension training?

    I’m so glad someone feels the same way, I trained with them too and felt there is no guidance at all. I was just lucky as I had support after from friends who are also trained in lash extensions. I’m wanting to do my Russian course soon but no way would I go back there!
  11. abbieshuttleworth

    Patch testing for eyelash extensions?

    I would like to know what people’s opinions are on patch testing for eyelash extensions. Lots of suppliers say patch testing isn’t necessary these days and to get a client to sign a form saying they understand the risks. To follow with my insurance I have to patch test or I won’t be covered...
  12. abbieshuttleworth

    Lash extensions recommendations

    I use wonderlash and noir volume lashes from! They do amazing deals like 4 trays for 3!
  13. abbieshuttleworth

    Best Russian and classic lashes to use

    I’ve been doing lashes for about 7 months now but I think the best thing to do is test out different brands and see what works well with you and your clients. I tried lots of different glues but found I was allergic myself to a lot of them so I currently use lashbase crystal plus glue which I...
  14. abbieshuttleworth

    How not to be a push over with clients

    I’ve been doing eyelash extensions for 7 months now while completing my degree at uni and I feel that I’m putting my clients before my degree. I allocate about 6 appointments a week so that I still do study but I always find I have one or two clients that I’m always like oh go on then to last...
  15. abbieshuttleworth

    Eyelash extensions

    I found this when I first started, you will speed up, try different set ups! I found that I was putting my jade stone and lashes further away than I do now which was making me slower! I just kept constantly changing where I was putting my equipment to see what worked best! The sets you’ve done...
  16. abbieshuttleworth

    Best light for lashes?

    I brought a ring light from amazon, was around £70 a lot cheaper than some beauty beauty websites show! Can’t fault it! Here is a a link to one:
  17. abbieshuttleworth

    Therapist reacting to eyelash glue when applying extensions

    I find that after about half an hour into the treatment I get a very stuffy nose kind of like a cold too! I think it’s just the fumes of the glue, I find it so hard not to sit there and sniff over my clients lol. I currently use lashbase crystal plus glue which is meant to be more suitable for...