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  1. umvemve

    Looking for beauty room to rent - near Diss in Norfolk

    Hi All, I am going to be relocating back to the UK, have been living in South Africa for a year or so. I will be living somewhere around Norwich/Diss and am looking for a beauty room to rent in an established hair salon / clinic that does complimentary therapies. Thanks!
  2. umvemve

    Help with Hive honey warm wax

    Just taken delivery of Hive digi heater and bought some warm wax to go with it. I use Perron Rigot hot wax so know what temp it needs to be, however am at a total loss on the Hive Honey. Can't find working temp info ANYWHERE! Heeeeeeeelp please x
  3. umvemve

    Simply could not remove this gel polish?

    Hi All, had a new client today. She had asked for gel polish removal and Gelish application. Usual story: she didn't know what brand was on her nails but had been told to soak in acetone to remove. I explained that it might take longer. LONGER is not the word for it. It simply would not...
  4. umvemve

    This Daily Mail Gel 'scare' = great opportunity for local publicity

    Which would be better - local salons lie low after Daily Mail article slating gel type manicures or: local salon owners fight back and set the record straight? What a great publicity opportunity if you carry one of the brands mentioned - if it gets a response in DM it will get on your regional...
  5. umvemve

    Two clients who have ever had gel polish 'lift' - could this be the common factor?

    I have recently had my second ever client with gel polish lifting issues it just started to lift and peel off a day after the treatment apparently. I have clients who are on medication who do not have this happening. Just realised that when she came for her treatment she had nail strengthener on...
  6. umvemve

    Perron Rigot Euroblonde on legs?

    I have a client with PCOS who wants only hot wax on her legs. We used Hive Sensitive film wax (with minimal success). I have decided to switch to PR and she is coming back Saturday. My question is - is Euroblonde the best non-strip option within the PR range for legs? Thanks! I have seen this...
  7. umvemve

    Best treatment for mature nails

    Hi all, I have a mature client with lovely long nails. The problem is she finds that although the nails are thick (which I guess is age related) they are prone to breaking. She has been using nail hardener for years. I am sure I have seen a product that will do this (just can't remember!)...
  8. umvemve

    Help please: Removing Bio Gel?? I use Gelish

    Hi Geeks, is there anyone who does Bio Gel out there? I have someone who had it done in London and can't find anyone to remove it out here in the sticks. I do Gelish (polish not hard gel) and she has asked me to remove and replace with Gelish. I am wondering what the procedure is for...
  9. umvemve

    Question for hair geeks re: 'feathers'

    Hi hair geeks, I am a skin/nail geek but have a question I am hoping someone can help with. A friend of mine would like to get the attached look (she has fashioned her own example here - how resourceful!) - with feathers or some similar adornment. Is there anything that can be done in terms...
  10. umvemve

    Question for hair geeks re: 'feathers'

  11. umvemve

    Brisa geeks near Colchester?

    Hi geeks - are there any Brisa techs out there who are near Colchester / Chelmsford? I would like to try as a client before deciding on gel course. TY!
  12. umvemve

    Tan training: zebra elbows!

    Hi geeks - hope you can help. Did my tanning training course today which went well.... except that I find, as the tan has developed that I have zebra like stripes on my elbows and lines around my knees (clearly my elbows and knees are wrinklier than I realised!). How could this have been...