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    Hair Botox

    Does anyone currently offer this service ? Any reviews or recommendations?
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    How to retail successfully?

    Does anyone else find retailing in the salon a hard slog , everything’s found on the internet and I am exhausted with trying to explain why the £1 shampoo in the discount shop is not the same thing [emoji849] Also I am increasingly seeing salons selling lots of other things , trinkets ...
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    If you weren't a hairdresser what would you be and why ?

    As the title says really , if you gave up being a stylist what would you change to ?
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    Feel like closing

    Does any other salon owner feel like I do ? After a year of staff problems, difficult clients and the feeling of never being able to switch off and relax I am finally starting to think about selling up . I am constantly worried about everything from staff issues and laws and the new pensions...