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  1. abbieshuttleworth

    Salon won’t pay me!

    Hi guys looking for some advice! I started working at a salon doing lash extensions for £10 an hour, we had complaints from people having bad retention through the hot weather and now my boss is refusing to pay me as she’s had to ‘fix’ them? Where do I stand on getting this pay as it’s two weeks...
  2. abbieshuttleworth

    Best starter spray tanning kit?

    I know this has probs been asked a billion times but what tanning kits do people recommend for a small beginners starter kit?
  3. abbieshuttleworth

    Russian lashes brands?

    Going on my Russian lash course soon so are wanting to stock up on lashes so I can experiment straight away, already practiced making fans with noir lashes but any others people would recommend to give a try?
  4. abbieshuttleworth

    Patch testing for eyelash extensions?

    I would like to know what people’s opinions are on patch testing for eyelash extensions. Lots of suppliers say patch testing isn’t necessary these days and to get a client to sign a form saying they understand the risks. To follow with my insurance I have to patch test or I won’t be covered...
  5. abbieshuttleworth

    How not to be a push over with clients

    I’ve been doing eyelash extensions for 7 months now while completing my degree at uni and I feel that I’m putting my clients before my degree. I allocate about 6 appointments a week so that I still do study but I always find I have one or two clients that I’m always like oh go on then to last...