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  1. Belle De Jour

    Precision Plus Machine Finishing Touches

    Anyone use ( or has used ) the precision plus from finishing touches? If so would you mind to give me some advice? I was lucky enough to get a Precision Plus, it did not come with a manual & I have a couple of queries which i was hoping could be cleared up this evening incase i need to return...
  2. Belle De Jour

    Kim Lawless trained in York?

    Hey a client of mine just moved to York is there anyone one Kim Lawless female intimate trained there? She scared to see anyone else ;) please pm if u can help Thank u Xx
  3. Belle De Jour

    Perron cruelty free?

    Hi guys have run a quick search & tried to phone the office but it closed at 5pm :( Can anyone confirm if Perron Rigot Euro or Homme is cruelty free I have a new client requesting info wanting to book an appointment for this evening so need to know asap Thanks Geeks :) Xx
  4. Belle De Jour

    Electric couch

    Can anyone recommend a good electric couch ? My current static couch is great because its wider than a standard couch but I now feel spoilt because the electric couches look so narrow :) I carry out a lot of intimate waxing so need ideally something thats roomy & stable for clients to move...
  5. Belle De Jour

    Hive digital lid cracking?

    Hi Geeks I've got 2 Hive digital heaters I've only had them a week and both kids are starting to crack they have defiantly not been miss used or dropped as its only me that uses them. The crack is hairline at the moment but should imagine they will get worse the more they are used :(( it looks...
  6. Belle De Jour

    Self employed accounts profit/loss balance sheet

    Hi I hoping a kind geek or two can help! i have done a search but brain now fit to explode :Scared: I started trading on the 17th August, (again after a break with the kids) im trying to sort out profit and loss and a balancing sheet. i have several questions which i cant find the awnser too...
  7. Belle De Jour

    Airbrush tanning Vs Hvlp - which gives a better tan?

    I have search through LOADS of old threads so im sorry if this has already been covered :o I trained with an airbrush which i love using and practise using a friends. The time has come for me to take the plunge and invest in my own kit so i can unleash on the public but im struggling to decide...
  8. Belle De Jour

    CND Images

    Hey Geeks hoping someone can help. I was given permission years ago (pre children) to use some CND imagedry for business cards ect. unfortunatly the file was held on an old pc that died! I have contacted CND and given as much description as i can to the photo but am not having alot of joy. Its a...
  9. Belle De Jour

    Beauty NVQ or CITY & GUILDS?

    Hope someone can help I intend to go back to college in september and im trying to find out the following Q1: Whats the better beauty qualification an Nvq 2 or a level 2 Diploma with City & Guilds Q2: I have previous salon experience is it possible to step in at Level 3 or must...
  10. Belle De Jour

    Gigi Paraffin Wax Bath

    hi ya peeps just wondering if anyone knows who stocks the gigi paraffin wax bath its a didgital jobby with a lockable lid i know graftons do them but wondered who else does them ? can anyone help? :green:
  11. Belle De Jour

    Heart shaped hole punch

    hi guys and gals i was wondering if anyone has got their mitts on a heart shaped hole punch to do some funky nails for valentines day, and if so where did you get it from? im looking for one that punches out small hearts as i only have dinky fingers :rolleyes: thanks :green:
  12. Belle De Jour

    ruby slippers how to

    hi geek can you remind me what mag was it you did the how to in? thanks
  13. Belle De Jour

    master classes

    hi guys and gals hope you have all been having a lovely time!! i was wondering if all those out there that had done master classes if you could fill us in abit on what goes on in these lessons (structure of the lesson ect) and if you felt that you learnt loads (im sure you all did!) also did...
  14. Belle De Jour

    Gunky build bottle

    hi guys and girls my build has gone all gunky must have been some activator snuck its way in there ! I have the larger one with the nozzel but would like to continue to use the brush on method so my question is can the build bottle be de gunked :D and if so what is the best way to go about it i...
  15. Belle De Jour

    white tips comparison......

    hi guys and girls just wondering if anyone had treid both the ezflow white tips and the creative white tips if you could give me a comparison ? i have some ezflow ones which i got with my boogie nights kit but i have never seen the white ones by creative the ezflow ones are lovely and thin and...
  16. Belle De Jour

    Help Please!!

    hi guys and girls hoping someone can help me before i go out the door at 6.40pm to do a cleints nails. She has today anounced that she would like white tips but im using fabric# so am wondering how to get round the fact that if i lay fiberglass over the white tip wont it leave a mark where the...
  17. Belle De Jour

    odorless monomers

    hi guys and gals well i am still suffering from a monster headache from 2 days ago and its got me pretty convinced its the monomers that i use. it causes like a dehydrated hangover headache at the back of my head so needless to say im not a happy bunny (and no its not to much of the booze havent...
  18. Belle De Jour

    protecting working surfaces

    and another one! anyone found something that they can use to protect work surfaces? i am mobile and am just dreading the day i knock something over :shock: (hope it doesnt happen now i have said it that would be just my luck :? ) would need to be something that could stand up to acetone monomer...
  19. Belle De Jour


    hi guys and girls right quick question had a search through and couldnt find anything on this topic so maybe others will be interested to find out: if i bodge my more than white smile line what should i use to remove it that wont effect the product chemistry? ;)
  20. Belle De Jour

    Give us a clue peeps

    hi guys and girls today i have taken off my nail polish which consisted of toughen up base coat and two coats of creative polish and then super shiney top coat to find ekkkkkkkkeeeeekk the horribleness of it all a few of my fingers have yellow patches on!!! my hands where clean and sanitised is...