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  1. loopylisa7

    Using a credit card on Paypal

    Do any of you fellow geeks use your credit card on Paypal (for ebay purchases) I need to do my xmas shopping and this year its going on the card! I want to buy a few bits off Ebay but I cannot for the life of me find anywhere on the net, info on whether its treated as a cash transaction or...
  2. loopylisa7

    Just qualified as a nail tech, now what?

    So I passed my complete nail tech course (4 day course with home study) So why do I feel like a duck out of water; I dont know how to get my business going, (I'm going to offer mobile and home based) and I feel mega deflated. I work part time so my business needs to fit around that for the...
  3. loopylisa7

    Nail art and brushes

    I have attached a pic for reference... :) I am a complete beginner with nail art. Could some of you lovely experts advise how to use the various brushes shown, i.e what kind of nail art they are used for and post pics of examples if you have any? xxx
  4. loopylisa7

    Problem blending tips

    I apologise now if this has already been discussed, as I imagine it has, but I have searched and have not found the answer. (Please feel free to point me in the right direction and close this thread, oh wise moderator of the forum :) ) I am currently in the process of my home study, and have...
  5. loopylisa7

    I need people to practice on - can you help?

    Ladies, Is there anyone around Mildenhall, Suffolk that would lend me their nails to practice on? Small charge to cover products. I have my assessment mid October and need to create a portfolio of my 'work' Get in touch if you can help please.
  6. loopylisa7

    Sleep in rollers

    Hiya. Im looking at purchasing some cheap sleep in rollers, to try out. The ones I am looking at are different sizes. I have just below shoulder length hair - do you recommend the bigger or smaller rollers? the size difference is 40mm and 48mm. thanks Lisa x