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  1. charlie_c_06

    Paperless client records

    Hey. I’m looking for a app for client consultations so I can start going paperless. Does anyone have any apps they use for this ?
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    I had the copper coil put in... it was the worse thing I done ! It was so painful being put in that I was crying... (I have a very high pain tollarance normally) It then gave me the worse period pains ever.. I would be leaning over in pain just from my period and the very heavy bleeding lasted...
  3. charlie_c_06

    Eyebrow tint on table

    The pink stuff !!
  4. charlie_c_06

    Ipl machine from Inspa Solutions?

    Agree. I had their machine for 2 years.. I didn’t get great results and the customer support is not very good. I’m my opinion.
  5. charlie_c_06

    Instagram - please follow

    Please follow me @butterflyboutiquespa [emoji5]️
  6. charlie_c_06

    Facials & added nice bits?

    Anyone know some good ideas to make waxing treatments a bit more enjoyable???
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    Instagram - please follow

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    Mine is @butterflyboutiquespa Please follow ☺️
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    Whose children still believe in Father Christmas?

    My sister who is 15..16 in March!! still belives in Father Christmas!!! When she was about 5/6 her and my dad went to Lapland and saw the 'real' Santa and thinks all her friends don't believe in him because they haven't been to Lapland and seen the real one with his reindeers. I find it hard not...
  10. charlie_c_06

    Skin base IPL?

    Has anyone got the machine ?
  11. charlie_c_06

    Skin base IPL?

    I am really interested in skin base ipl. Has anyone got the machine, how was the training/aftercare. Is it popular? Just want a bit more information . Thanks
  12. charlie_c_06

    Films you watch over and over again!

    The notebook, Dirty dancing Sound of music Elf
  13. charlie_c_06


    My pumpkins
  14. charlie_c_06

    Show us your lashes!

    It would have to be a Monday for me
  15. charlie_c_06

    Show us your lashes!

    I would! Do you do any YouTube videos of lashing?
  16. charlie_c_06

    Show us your lashes!

    Lie lash, where are you based I would love to come a watch how you do your lashes!
  17. charlie_c_06

    What is your salon Facebook?

    Butterfly boutique
  18. charlie_c_06

    Vinlux with Shellac top coat?

    Can I ask maybe a silly question.. But why would you apply vinylux with shellac?
  19. charlie_c_06

    Shabby chic vintage furniture!

    Where can you buy Annie Sloan paint?
  20. charlie_c_06

    Room to rent.

    Hello. I have a room to rent in a salon in surbiton surrey. Ideal for hairdressing, sport massage, Botox, chiropodist ect. Good rates Please message me for details :)