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  1. mum

    Hi Noodle I've twice messaged in the 'contact' screen but had no reply. I want know how to...

    Hi Noodle I've twice messaged in the 'contact' screen but had no reply. I want know how to change my SG name as 'mum' isn't really appropriate anymore. Are you the original Noodle?? Marian
  2. mum

    Minx Coat

    I've been using these for a few months now and they are genius for certain clients! They do not need heat at all, either in application nor remove. Some clients nails just cannot take the 2 weekly removal (dry, ridged, white patches) so this takes this away for those that need it. I...
  3. mum

    Be prepared: bad press for nail techs

    It's a mistake in drawing any attention to this scaremongering in my opinion. It does not good as it focuses on the negative even when countered by the positive. Most clients don't even know these stories exist so why bring them to everyones attention? Just focus on the positive: great nails...
  4. mum

    London Fashion Event next week? In a predicament

    Are you doing shows for the experience (i.e. no fee)? If you are you should be supplied with the colour so you just need you own basic kit. The organiser should let you know what is needed. There was a lot of this that went on last season and it wasn't well organised and people who had...
  5. mum

    Left confused by my teacher?

    It wasn't you :hug: There is nothing wrong with saying 'Chinese salon'! It was the next poster who assumed that it was an NSS. There are plenty of NSS salons run by all races!
  6. mum

    Left confused by my teacher?

    I agree with this but mostly want to also object to the assumption that 'Chinese' means NSS! It doesn't and I think comments like these should be objected to every time they appear! I hope the OP has her answer as I don't want to divert the reason for the thread
  7. mum

    Safer salons

    Can I just add one more thing. The FB page that this appears to centre on is actually connected to a salon. By liking it will promote a salon. I do think the issue is commendable but it isn't well thought out. Educating the public is good but not in this way.
  8. mum

    Safer salons

    So, I've looked at the page via a FB search rather than the link on this thread. Sorry, but it's beyond shocking! This is NOT how to promote 'safe salons' to the public! No one would ever have their nails done again! Show what is great about nail services! Show gorgeous nails, both natural...
  9. mum

    Safer salons

    I'm sorry Rachel this is all so negative! You clearly have the best intentions at heart! I just think there is not enough of the right information to make it right to promote to the public! It's still the wrong focus with no clear direction to look at the solutions (also tools do not need to...
  10. mum

    Safer salons

    I'm afraid I agree with what's been said so far. I don't believe this is ready for promoting to the public yet. Focussing on the bad stuff is truly the wrong focus. Promoting what exactly a 'safe salon' is and the work that is produced by them is the way to go. From what I have linked to all...
  11. mum

    Taking nail kit abroad/on plane

    I travel a lot with a massive kit! It's obvious it isn't stuff to sell but a 'kit' for professional use. The only tiny problem I had was in China when customs decided my litre bottle of acetone was too big so confiscated it. I never take anything in hand luggage though so, even if the kit is...
  12. mum


    Sorry! Didn't meant to sound critical. I can understand that situation. (been there many years ago) It is such a small investment with so many great results posted. It's worth a go. Good luck with your business
  13. mum


    I now avoid recommending IBX as some think I get paid for it (I don't!) I'm not sure why great results should convince the 'hubby'? If you're a professional then you should make commercial decisions yourself? Why does a 'hubby' opinion have a place in a professional decision? Especially as...
  14. mum

    What is this-please help me

    This is an incredibly unhealthy nail plate!! I assume this is yours and not a clients! There are many possibilities but there isn't enough information to even suggest any answer!
  15. mum

    Cutting cuticles-do or don't?

    You need to understand exactly what the cuticle is! It is the dead skin cells that are on the nail plate NOT the living skin that is an extension of the skin from the finger (eponychium). This is what most people call the cuticle and it isn't! It is living skin and, if cut, will grow even...
  16. mum


    I suggest you read everything Doug Schoon has written about hygiene in nail salons. Sterile equipment is virtually impossible and not necessary. However, good disinfection on some tools is necessary.
  17. mum

    Shrinking Violet-is it worth training in? Still popular?

    I'm sorry to say the 'comedy gold' is observing 'professionals' in this industry demonstrating a lack of understanding of how this industry actually works! The unpleasant and personal posts are why those who are genuine experts willing to share and help people in their careers leave this site...
  18. mum

    Shrinking Violet-is it worth training in? Still popular?

    I tend to agree! I have deleted my post as the thread has changed direction. I'm a user not an expert. I'm also not going to be involved in another '****gate' thread that seems so prevalent on this site.
  19. mum

    Dennis Williams selling Solar Oil, Scrub Fresh, Additives and Nourishing Remover

    So is the occasional VAT free day (illegal so just a 20% reduction) and cheaper postage what it comes down to?
  20. mum

    Dennis Williams selling Solar Oil, Scrub Fresh, Additives and Nourishing Remover

    I don't usually get into a 'slagging off' debate on here but to call people 'idiots' who choose to buy from the authorised distributor is shocking! Many people have had to call for support as no 2 clients are the same!! Those that are educated and experienced can often come across difficult...