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  1. Debra-Elle

    Choosing a peroxide %

    I currently have a lightly faded 7M Quasi tint on my hair. I would like to change it to 6W permanent, but i dont know what peroxide % to use. I got told to use 10 vol, is this correct? Sophie
  2. Debra-Elle

    Support Professionalism and Community Involvement

    Hi, I'm working through nmy portfolio (NVQ2/IHBC) at the moment and wondered if you could help with putting an answer to the following questions on paper. In my mind i think answers are logical but putting into words is proving difficult.:o The questions are based on working as a therapist...
  3. Debra-Elle

    NVQ2 Dilemma on GP Referral-please help

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me. I trained with Carlton Institute last year and am in process of submitting my portfolio for assessment but one of the case studies I have to complete is of an acne sufferer with GP referral. Does NVQ2 generally need a case study with a signed letter from GP...