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    Cheap clients!

    Afternoon geeks, Does anyone find that clients are just after a cheap deal or sometimes free treatments?! Is it just the way things are now, maybe since groupon etc? How does anyone rise above salons nearby putting out cheap deals left , right and centre! I’ve been a beauty therapist for 10...
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    Eve Taylor

    Does anyone know how much an eve Taylor start up kit is? X
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    Price list & branding

    Morning geeks, So I’m going self employed in January, I’m really struggling with the perfect price list and logo,,,,, I’ve been on vista print but can’t find anything that’s just right,,, I’m really picky and if I’m going to bring out a price list , business cards etc I want it to be perfect...
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    Advanced skin courses?

    Hi guys... I’m booked on to Helen mcguiness courses next year, chemical peel , mesotherapy and microneedling.... does anyone know what products are used? Just so I have a rough idea of prices & also I’m renting a cabin, is there certain requirements with those treatments? Xx
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    I’m leaving, how do I tell her?

    Hi geeks, Advice needed... I currently work as a beauty therapist within a salon, my boss is an absolute babe, actually she’s the best & this is why this is so hard.. I’ve found a lovely cabin to rent , in an amazing area & the couple renting it are lovely also.. anywho I now have to tell her...