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  1. Rebeccasbeauty

    Parking assistance-advice needed please

    Hi, I am due to open my clinic in two weeks time, I have two allocated parking spaces in my contract and pretty much every time I go to my premises they are being used despite me putting up signage. Where I am based so are the district nurses they are working out of a store unit there about 10...
  2. Rebeccasbeauty

    A little post about laser & IPL

    I just wanted to write a post about the obove topic so hopefully I can help someone out who is looking into getting into laser hair removal. I started researching this back in Aug last year and this week I've finially started doing my first clients. It's been a very confusing and stressful...
  3. Rebeccasbeauty

    Being compared to a untrained therapist makes my blood boil

    I have a mature lady who has been my client for about 3 years has regular facials and tint/wax. Last summer she had lash ext buy a therapist I employed when on maternity leave, the salon owner really talked me into giving her a chance I returned back to the salon and after 6 months I had to...
  4. Rebeccasbeauty

    I have the salon bug... again

    I currently have a converted room on my house which I work from its fully equipped and very professional
  5. Rebeccasbeauty

    Been in the industry 7 years and I feel like the biggest geek!

    How have I never joined here before? I have sometimes read the odd post when I have googled a query but never joined and I feel hooked, Iv replied to 9 posts and even made an album where have i been? So Hey girls xxx