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    Spray on French gel polish manicure

    Hi all has anyone heard of the white tips being sprayed onto the nail ? One of my clients had her French gel mani done whilst on hols and tells me it was sprayed on and has lasted three weeks. Only growing out not chipped! I can’t find it anywhere. She’s coming to me tomorrow so I will see what...
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    Lifting when using Dadi Oil

    Three of my regular clients have suddenly found their gel polish not lasting so well and some chipping. The only common denominator seems to be that I gave all three a sample of Dadi Oil to try. I use Opi Gelcolour and am wondering if the Dadi oil is affecting it. I have previously used only...
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    OPI Gelcolour?

    Hi all does anyone have any idea what the closest match to Opi nail lacquer 'Hot & Spicy' would be in their Gel Colour? I have a client who wants this, thanks
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    Waxing couch

    Hi Guys could anyone recommend a good waxing couch please? I'm applying to go on a course shortly Thanks