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  1. tiatia22

    Toner problems

    Hi, I am not happy with my toners and am wandering if there's anything I could do different. Client 1. Has full head bleach from a level 5 to a 10. I then wash the bleach off clean it up with violet shampoo so I have a clean base then apply ct 9/16 leave on for 20 min to a nice clean silver...
  2. tiatia22

    L'Oreal lightening oil - wet or dry hair?

    Can anyone using the lightening oil explain how you use this and if used on towel dried hair or dry hair. Thank you x
  3. tiatia22

    Colour Touch special mix ratio

    If I wanted to add 0/88 or 0/68 ct mix tone in to say a ct 7/0 to neutralise out orange. What is the ratio ?. Is it rule of 11 same as koleston special mix. ?
  4. tiatia22

    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    After stripping hair colour out and your left with orange would you use ct with 0/88 mix tone in to neutralise the orange. Last month we had a colour tech to do a colour correction day and our model who was a level 5 tinted colour wanted to lift up to a 7. The colour tech applied a bleach bath...
  5. tiatia22

    Color sync use a level lighter

    With color sync do you always tend to use target shade or a level lighter? Especially over blonde hair when in foils. As it's on longer than the stated 20 mins.x Getting darker results.
  6. tiatia22

    Koleston, use pastel or 20 volume over blonde hair?

    I did a root stretch over a client with level 10 bleached hair to take her to a root stretch balayage. I normally use color sync or colour touch over blonde hair but as i would be lowlightong through and balayaging through all at the same time, i decided to you use a permanent as it doesn't...
  7. tiatia22

    Bleach blonde to balayage could I do it this way?

    I'm thinking when I do a. Full head Bleach to a root stretch balayage. It's a real problem when the root stretch is on and your trying to low light through it gets tangly and pulls the hair. Was thinking could I do it all from the nape up , say apply a couple inches of root stretch and...
  8. tiatia22

    L'Oreal platinum paste, how long does it last?

    Hi, I'm interested in trying the loreal platinium paste. How many applications of balayage roughly would you get out of a tub? I know it depends on length/ thickness. Just a rough guide. And is it worth the price? tried on dolly head balayage with loreal freehand, blondor and igora vario blonde...
  9. tiatia22

    How to get this colour with Wella

    I have a client coming in next week who's got full head bleached hair, level 10. She's got about 4 inch natural regrowth base 8 and wants this picture, which looks two toned. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. tiatia22

    Xen or St Tropez feedback

    Hi, we've been using fake bake 60 mins for the last few years, but are finding when left on full time or some clients forget to wash it off until the morning. That they are looking orangey. So was wondering how xen tan and St tropez work for you. Trialed them many years ago, I liked the xen...
  11. tiatia22

    Quasi over bleach leaves violet cast

    Every time when I lowlight over bleached hair, I find it leaves a pinkly/ violet cast to the shade Eg. Client base 10 bleached porous hair , I applied copper mousse to the foil, wiped of with cotton wool. Applied colour touch 6/7. This also happens with colour sync over bleached hair. Any ideas...
  12. tiatia22

    Matrix Colour Graphics, can you foil with it? Information please

    Hi, I'm looking for information on colour graphics. When would you use it apposed to bleach? Can you use in foils as it says 10 minutes development? Is it effective over tinted hair? How light does it go, same as bleach or more like hilift tint or In between them? Thank you x
  13. tiatia22

    Level 9 blonde with hl to a full head bleach

    Hi, I have a client that has been having a 9/16 as a base colour and bleach highlights .she's a base 6 with 1" roots. she wants to go to a full head bleach, shall I pick up the darker pieces and lighten them first then apply root application? Thank-you x
  14. tiatia22

    Too warm after pre pigging and tint back

    Hi, I did some lowlights in my own level 10 Bleached hair. I applied a bit of indola gold mousse to foils, applied matrix color sync 8wn with a bit of 8 n. Wanted a warm 8/0 but it. Went more of a.8/04 Should I have just applied 8n over the gold mousse? Thanks xx
  15. tiatia22

    Igora royal coloured mousse help

    I bought some igora royal. Colored mousse thinking it was like other colored mousse where you apply to hair and blow dry for a touch of colour. But the igora royal says to washout after about 5 mins for subtle colour and leave on hair for 20 mins for deeper result. Rince out then blow dry. Is...
  16. tiatia22

    Willl highlight lift a 9/0 up 1 level ?

    Hi, I recently colored my sister in laws hair, she always has a 9/0 but as she's so grey it looks a level 10/0. She has a few pigmented strands around her hair line that I normally use 30 vol to even it up, but was really busy and just did the 9/0 + 20 vol, she says she feels a bit dark right at...
  17. tiatia22

    Balayage from parting or crown to front pattern

    Hi, I am practicing balayage at my salon, trying to attract some new clients. I have been watching the professional techniques on you tube, and it seems they all paint on from where client wear's their parting. If a more natural look was wanted could you balayage from crown to front area, so...
  18. tiatia22

    Views on PayPal here card reader?

    Does anyone use PayPal here. And how do you find it?
  19. tiatia22

    Payleven, SumUp, Izettle any advice please

    I have been looking at all the above card readers, but can only find payleven that has a phone number, which I prefer. Does anyone have any info on any of them . I was going to use an old iPhone 4 of my daughter's and get a contract for it, do I need unlimited WiFi? Have no idea about...
  20. tiatia22

    Coloured level 3 hair to a 6 with ombre ends, help!

    My sister who colors her own hair to a level 3, wants Michelle Keegan's ombre . I'm thinking if strand test lightens sufficient, to bleach bath up to a red/ orange, the dry apply ombre effect in foils and low bleach if hair condition allows, then flood in between with a brown to neutralize the...