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  1. Karenlaw

    Shellac glitter

    LaurenSparkles thanks :) Is Zillionaire clear with glitter?
  2. Karenlaw

    Shellac glitter

    Hi! I haven't posted for a while. Can anyone tell me if there is a topcoat glitter for Shellac? Thanks! :) Karen
  3. Karenlaw

    Hi Liane, is there anything you are interested in particular?

    Hi Liane, is there anything you are interested in particular?
  4. Karenlaw


    Hi! I haven't posted here for a long time. I was wondering is there still Geekbay? I have some supplies to sell. I've had a look but can't find it. Thanks! Karen
  5. Karenlaw

    Acrylic and Pregnancy

    Hello, I have just found out I am pregnant :)) Is it safe to use acrylic on my nails and also Shellac? Many Thanks! Karen
  6. Karenlaw

    Shellac over CND polish

    Hi, Can you use shellac top coat over cnd nail polish?
  7. Karenlaw


    Thank you :)
  8. Karenlaw


    Hi, Does anyone know the link for Geekbay? Thanks! Karen
  9. Karenlaw

    Mixing 2 glitters

    It's still 3 to 1 for two glitter. So you would mix 3 parts (3 tsp) powders 1/2 part (1/2 tsp) one glitter 1/2 part (1/2 tsp) second glitter. hth
  10. Karenlaw

    Drew Barrymore's nails?

    Thanks for the link :)
  11. Karenlaw

    Drew Barrymore's nails?

    I love this colour! Where can you buy Chanel particuliere in the UK?
  12. Karenlaw

    CND Lace Up/Corset nails

    LOVE these. Did you use gel or acrylic? How did you drill the holes? I have a wedding at the weekend. I would love to try this on one nail.
  13. Karenlaw

    What if I do not PASS CND Foundation??

    Breath :) Everyone gets abit worried about the practical assessment and day 5. I'm sure everything will go really well. Just try and get as much practice in as you can. No-one expects you to be an expert. All you can do is do your best.
  14. Karenlaw

    Acrylic over MINX

    Hi Lisa, I have used acrylic over minx with good results. Have not had any lifting on the tips. hth
  15. Karenlaw

    Comment by 'Karenlaw' in media 'I call them GaGa Toes :D Available in Silver, Blue, Pink, and Green!'

    WOW! I LOVE them. I really like the idea of different size gems. Stunning
  16. Karenlaw

    Hoping to get started

    Hi Shell, I was in the same position as you. I have five kids and my last (twins) were going full time at school. I started out with an home course. This didn't work out for me as I felt I needed one to one tuition. I then saved and booked a five day course with cnd (creative nail design). I...
  17. Karenlaw

    Can you apply acrylic over MINX?!

    I do this all the time. My favourite is pink cheetah tips with custom colour. I don't find I have any problems with the minx adhering to the tips. I don't use anything to stick the minx to the tip. I use (a touch of cnd silver lightening) glitter acrylic over the whole nail in clear or pure...
  18. Karenlaw

    Shellac peeling ... what am I doing wrong?

    I have had this too...with dashing diva. I think the problem is I need to file the white smiles abit before I apply the next coat. As the smiles are slightly raised. Karen