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  1. auntsally

    Breast Implants

    hi hope no one minds me asking im haveing my breast done and was woundering if anyone has had theres done and if there is any good places to recomend to me not sure were to start i live in the north west area thankyou
  2. auntsally

    jessica simpson hair

    thinking off geting some clip in hairextensions , ive had them before but noticed yesterday that jessica simson has brought some out , its one strip to do the whole head its clips in ear to ear , then round the nape all in one piece , for real hair it is more expensive then the normall hair...
  3. auntsally

    las vegas nails

    ive just come back from a week in las vegas so i thought i would treat myself to have my nails done there she did pink and white acrlic ive never seen the way she did it done like that before she put a large blob of white on one finger told me to tilt my finger down ward so it ran down the nail...
  4. auntsally

    Airbrush make-up courses in NorthWest UK, help please

    AIRBRUSH MAKEUP COURSES can anyone please help me find a makeup course that does airbrushing in the northwest been searching and cant find anything has anyone done such a course and what do you think of them thanks
  5. auntsally

    first complaint

    Hi I had my first complaint today I did a set of acrylic nails this morning at ten on a girl who is a nail biter, and everything went fine, and she was very pleased with the results. I did everything I usually do, didn't miss...
  6. auntsally

    eyelash extensions

  7. auntsally

    eyelash extension courses, North East England ???

    can anyone tell me were i can do a course in the northwest area on eyelash extensions i know creative in manchester are doing one but that is not till the new year has anyone done one off these course and could recomend somewere to go thanks in advance
  8. auntsally

    husband got me a pressie today

    hi my huband has bought me a hvlp 500z spraytan ,and booth, as a pressent he knows i wanted to do a spray tan course ,so he ordered this as a suprise does anyone have one off these and what is it like i want to book the course at creative for next week do you no wether i have to buy there spray...
  9. auntsally

    tips wont stick

    i feel ridiculous asking this, but have been trying to put some tips on my sisters nails tonight ,did all the prep sized the tips ,then tryed to glue the tips on, they would not stick:irked: did it at the right angle and everything, then tryed another finger that was the same would not stick, i...
  10. auntsally

    can anyone help me find reusable forms

    i was watching a dvd on sculpterd nail, and the lady on the dvd is useing clip on reusable sculpter clips ,to do the sculpterd nail s,with instead of the sticker ,do you no were you can get these from? and does anyone use them ?and what are they like? ive never seen or herd of them before i got...
  11. auntsally

    getting worse instead off getting better

    hi everyone, could anyone tell me if they had this problem, istarted my foundation at creative on monday, and did my 3rd day yesterday, now on the 2week break, i just cant get the hang off apliey ing the acrlic its all over the place ,i seem to get worse with ever nail, the beads to wet to dry...
  12. auntsally

    what's your best feature?

    us woman always put are selfs down were to fat, to skinney ,are hairs amess ,you feel old, we must have somethings you like about yourselfs, what are your best bits,? and why? its ok to be vain tell all:)
  13. auntsally

    models wanted

  14. auntsally

    big day tomorrow

  15. auntsally

    models wanted

    hi could anyone in the manchester area help me out ,i need a model on the 11th this week ,and the 25th of this month its at creative in greater manchester in lee thank you. x
  16. auntsally

    big day tomorrow

    start my first day on the creative foundation course tomorrow, and just had a phone call that my model cant make it on any of the days that i need her, due to her haveing to go to work ,this is the 3rd person that has said they would come, and then let me down on the last minute , ive tried...
  17. auntsally

    i bit worried.

    hi everyone could anyone help ,me i start my foundation course at creative on the 9th off this month ,eventhough im excited ,i am also worried that there is going to be alot off written and reading work as i am dylexic ,when im at home on the computor and my hubby is here i feel fine as i can...
  18. auntsally

    what to wear

    this is probley a stupid question, but could any one tell me what you wear for your courses, just booked in for my foundation course ,at creative in manchester , i asked what should i bring when i rang, should i buy a uniform, she said just come causal ,didnt want to get there and they were all...