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  1. Karenlaw

    Shellac glitter

    Hi! I haven't posted for a while. Can anyone tell me if there is a topcoat glitter for Shellac? Thanks! :) Karen
  2. Karenlaw


    Hi! I haven't posted here for a long time. I was wondering is there still Geekbay? I have some supplies to sell. I've had a look but can't find it. Thanks! Karen
  3. Karenlaw

    Acrylic and Pregnancy

    Hello, I have just found out I am pregnant :)) Is it safe to use acrylic on my nails and also Shellac? Many Thanks! Karen
  4. Karenlaw

    Shellac over CND polish

    Hi, Can you use shellac top coat over cnd nail polish?
  5. Karenlaw


    Hi, Does anyone know the link for Geekbay? Thanks! Karen
  6. Karenlaw

    Wedding Nails

    Hi, I've been invited to a wedding in three weeks. I would like to wear wedding 'theme' nails (white,lace etc). I'm looking for some inspiration. I know this has been talked about allot. I've looked through the archives for some pictures for ideas but I haven't found many. I've googled too but...
  7. Karenlaw

    Nfu-Oh Bling Bling

    Hi, I got an email saying that Nfu-oh are offering free postage for 7 days! :D I've been wanting to try their bling bling kits since they arrived. They now have the individual pots for sale. I can't afford the whole kits but would love to try one pot of one of the bling pinks. I was...
  8. Karenlaw

    Nfu-oh Glitter Series

    Hi, Any Nfu-oh experts out there? :) Does anyone know what colour is used for the nail plate in this video of Viv Simmonds on the orange set YouTube - Vividnailandbeaute's Channel. I know the orange is from the jelly range but does anyone know what glitter colour this is? I asked Viv but she...
  9. Karenlaw

    Orly Nail Polish

    Hi, Orly has a new spring colour range out. Does anyone know where I can purchase these? I've looked on Grafton but couldn't see it. I'm after the wandering vine polish and the pink. Thanks!
  10. Karenlaw

    Nfu-oh Viv Simmonds

    Hi, I was looking for stiletto nails on youtube and I found some beautiful stilettos by Viv Simmonds. I love the orange set she has on. Does anyone know what the colours are? Especially the nail bed. I think the orange, pink are from nfu-oh jelly...
  11. Karenlaw

    Netting for nails

    Hi, Does anyone know where you buy netting for nails? I've seen a tutorial and would like to have a try. Thanks!
  12. Karenlaw

    New Year New Nails

    Hi, I've had a set of ruby slipper nails on for the festive season. I love them but Christmas is over and it's time for a change. I have a few hours spare today and I wanted to put a new set of nails on. Thing is I can't decide what to wear? I was thinking of some sort of colour (orange?) sea...
  13. Karenlaw

    CND Colour & Effects

    I was just wondering what your favourite colour effect is from the new range? Im going to place an order mon and was going to include one effect. Thanks!
  14. Karenlaw

    New Minx

    Hiya, Does anyone know when the new ruby red lightening will be in stock? I asked a question on sweet squared but I haven't heard back yet. It looks lovely!
  15. Karenlaw

    Nail Art Book

    Hi, I'd really like to learn how to do more detailed nail art. I know there are some tutorials on youtube but are there any good books that show each stage of designing the nail/step by step? Thanks!
  16. Karenlaw


    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any discount codes for nfu-oh? :) Thanks!
  17. Karenlaw


  18. Karenlaw

    How do you clean your nail art brushes

    Hi, This might be a silly question but what do you clean your nail art brushes in? Do you use Scrubfresh? Acetone? Water? I have both water and acrylic paint. I bought some nail art brushes at Olympia at the weekend and I don't want to ruin them. Thanks!
  19. Karenlaw


    Hi, I'm just about to place an order with Nfu-oh for some pearl sheets. Can anyone recommend anything sparkly from there. I want everything but can't afford to buy everything :) Thanks!
  20. Karenlaw

    Best Nail Art Brushes

    Hi :) I'm looking to buy some good quality nail art brushes. All sizes. I bought some from ebay but they're not very good. Thanks!