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  1. Missy106

    Rose gold in L'Oreal?

    What shade would you use for a rose gold? In loreal please?
  2. Missy106

    How do I do this colour?

    First pic (long) is my client already base 5 &5.3 and bleach. She wants to change to the short colour, but not the style. Any ideas what i can do? Im a loreal /ion girl. Thanks in advance xx
  3. Missy106

    L'Oreal blonde studio. Help!

    Went into sallys and platine and platifizz is no more!!! So can people tell me about blonde studio please?
  4. Missy106

    Majibond: anyone used it?

    Anyone used this
  5. Missy106

    Maria Nila repair range

    Ive been using maria nila silver for about a montha nd its fab, i have a full head bleach toned will 9.01 dialight so keeps it great. But had a baby a year ago and hair was snapping and went in such bad condition. So i thought id try the maria nila repair shamp and con and oh my god what a...
  6. Missy106

    L'Oreal lightening oil

    Ive just heard about this. Can anyone tell me about this product please x
  7. Missy106

    Milkshake hair colour

    Anyone heard of this? Is this any good? And indont mean the diacolour milkshakes
  8. Missy106

    Rant-cheeky non clients!

    Need a rant!! I am a mobile hairdresser and a lot of my business is done through my facebook page, live in a small town and know most of the people here. I upload pixs of hair i have done etc and it annoys me when people who ive not done people ask me what colour ive used so they can do...
  9. Missy106

    Which regular geeks are still here?

    I used to come on here all the time last year, then had my baby and havent really bothered for a yeAr, and now its all changed!!! Cant get used to the layout, and which geeks are still here?? Xx
  10. Missy106

    How do you bleach wash hair?

    Right i use to use loreal effasor but now being mobile its not cost efficiant! Right im doing my friends hair shes on a base 4/5 stretched down to bleached ends. I want to do her to a 5.46 all over so will need to lift the root to midlengths. How would you to a bleach wash or use bleach to lift...
  11. Missy106

    How can I achieve this colour?

    What would you say this is? I use loreal. Shes prob a base 7 natural, last coloured 3 months ago with a 6 on top into an ombre but its more or less faded out as she was full head bleach hilights underneath xx
  12. Missy106

    Sharing a colour I've done, photo attached

    Love this x
  13. Missy106

    Just sharing my grey hair

  14. Missy106

    Jodie Marsh's hair?

    Is it just me that thinks it looks awful?
  15. Missy106

    Roots have turned yellow!

    Ive just had them done and ive always had platifizz-30vol (what ive had for years and its been fine b4 anyone says about 20vol lol) but its gone a but yellow!!! Was on for 45mins same as usual. Now im left banded!! Gonna leave it tmoz but what should i put on it on thurs, lift it a bit more or...
  16. Missy106

    Luo po1 and 20vol?

    Just about to put a luo po1 on my bleached hair, the luo releaser is 25vol, can i mix with 20vol or even pastel? Will it do the same?
  17. Missy106

    Whats your fave hairstyle?

    What hairstyle do u love? Not love doing but just what do u think looks nice! I always tend to love big bouncy curls!
  18. Missy106


    What is this product? Ive read up a but about it but dont quite understand it?
  19. Missy106

    Toner-pic attached

    What would you use to tone this?
  20. Missy106

    Ion hi lift?

    Has anyone tried these? X