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  1. kesall

    I am officially huffing! girls!!!?

    Well this totally takes the biscuit! My hubby & I had been looking on U Tube @ the "NailPrinting" magical machines (lol) I thought they would be pretty cool for matching outfits or having my poochies on my nails (lost the plot!) Anyway we ended disscussion & 1 week on some maniac was ringing my...
  2. kesall

    Legalities of opening ones own business

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me with the Legalities of opening your own Nail Business, I own a Hotel with my hubby and we were talking last night about what we could do with one of our small function rooms we dont use, its always been used for storage etc, anyway I was thinking about...
  3. kesall

    Help me match my dress!

    Hi, I have a wedding on Saturday & im not very "girly" so to speak lol, but this wedding means a lot to me & I've gone the whole hog, eyebrows threaded, floof waxed, legs waxed, spray tan hehe so I wondered what will I do to my nails?? I have a picture of my dress on my page (album) If any of...
  4. kesall

    Uv gel topcoat

    I have been using "EDGE" UV Gel Topcoat & curing it for 1 minute, it seems to bubble @ the cuticle & sometimes lifts some of my Acrylic, does anyone else have this problem? I thought maybe i was applying 2 much!:rolleyes: @ £14 a bottle i'll be gutted if i cant continue using it! Heeeelp x