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  1. noreenoconnor

    Exciting news!

    Hi Guys & Girls, Some of you may have noticed I've been a bit quieter than usual on here for the past few months, well there was a reason for it I was studying and practicing like mad and I'm so proud and excited to say last night I graduated as a Full Systems CND Education Ambasador! I'll be...
  2. noreenoconnor

    Shellac staining natural nail

    So weirdest shellac removal ever, I used shellac in red baroness 3 weeks ago and removed today to find natural nails had stained?? Asked the usual did you come into contact with any strong solvents or sun cream etc but no Has this happened to anyone before? Very strange Clients nails do...
  3. noreenoconnor

    Hive wax heater insert sizes

    Hi Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if the bucket inside a 1000cc Hive Digital Wax Heater is the same size and the one in the Hive Analogue Heaters? Thanks Guys and Girls
  4. noreenoconnor

    Debate: why are nails so underpriced?

    Ok following on from a recent thread that i don't want to hijack. I'd love to hear people opinions on why they feel they have to conform to the prices around them if they are offering a much better service. I wholeheartedly believe that nail techs train so hard, and spend a fortune on product...
  5. noreenoconnor

    Boxed nail competitions

    Hi Guys and Girls [emoji3] I'm thinking of entering a nail competition this year and have never entered a boxed nail competition. Has anyone entered, have you any tips or advice? What kind of tips did you use? How do you secure them in the box? What kind of box did you use? I'd love any...
  6. noreenoconnor

    Alternative to Perron Rigot Refreshing Gel-for retail

    Hey Guys & Girls, For all of the Perron Rigot Lovers on here, can anyone recommend an alternative to refreshing gel as the irish distributor only stocks the salon sizes and does not do the retail sizes of this product. My male clients don't like the idea of using a moisturiser but i think...
  7. noreenoconnor

    Concealer after facial waxing

    I don't stock any make up range at the moment and don't plan to stock one really anytime in the near future but was just wondering if anyone uses a concealer after facial waxing to disguise redness for clients who want it? I've seen lycogel which looks good but seems very pricy anyone in...
  8. noreenoconnor

    Ingrowing hairs / line hairs leg waxing

    Hi All, Just a quick question for all you leg waxers ;) What do you do with clients with loads of "line hairs". Those really pesky in growing hairs that are just under a thin layer of skin and look like you've missed hairs when waxing ? I normally remove all of them with tweezers but I had...
  9. noreenoconnor

    Depilar - permanent hair removal

    I've just come across a add a trade mag for Depilar System permanent hair removal. Apparently it's an enzyme based product that is applied in a salon directly after a waxing appointment to permanently stop the hair growing back. It sounds amazing but I have never heard of or seen anything like...
  10. noreenoconnor

    Can I pick your brains on hair removal?

    Hi Guys and Girls :) I'm currently doing a course to help me with my business and was wondering if you would be kind enough to answer a few quick questions for me on hair removal? Its very quick i promise :) and would help me greatly :) Many...
  11. noreenoconnor

    How to know when to drop a treatment?

    Hi All, Would really appreciate some advice from people who specialise in a particular area of beauty. I'm currently doing make up, spray tanning, nails (shellac, polish, and gel and acrylic) and waxing. I recently did a training course with Kim Lawless and absolutely loved it and am...
  12. noreenoconnor

    Make up artist portfolio days

    Hi guys and girls :) I'm thinking about setting up a make up artist portfolio day for budding make up artists and would like your opinions on what would be popular. I would be using agency models , a hair stylist , and a truly talented photographer. The idea behind the day is that each...
  13. noreenoconnor

    Perron Rigot Retail Items

    For all you Perron Rigot users , Do you retail there aftercare items? What are the best sellers and what are the shelf sitters , I heard somewhere the packaging was changing and or new products were coming out. I've looked up the website and I think the new items are already displayed but think...
  14. noreenoconnor

    Shellac coming off in one piece

    I'm having a strange problem with a few regulars of mine and I'm not sure if I should put it down to co incidence or not. Nearly all my regular clients are coming back with 2 - 3 nails missing saying they came off in one piece. Just fell off , didn't even notice them coming off. It can't be...
  15. noreenoconnor

    CND Gel Bond

    Hi I've just bought my first tube of gel bond as I've heard such good things about it but when I tried to use it today I just couldn't get it to set ? I tried holding it for a full 30 secs and still no luck Is there some kind of trick to it or might I have got a faulty tube?
  16. noreenoconnor

    Nails turning see through at tips?

    Hi guys :) Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on why my nails are turning see through at the tips? They are still very strong and in great condition so I'm not overly worried about them , just curious more than anything :)
  17. noreenoconnor

    St Tropez distributors, Ireland?

    Does anyone know who carries the st tropez spray tan solution ? Thinking of switching over.
  18. noreenoconnor

    Laser hair removal training Ireland

    Hi everyone :) I've been searching the past few days now looking for places in Ireland who train you for laser hair removal but can find nothing ! Are you trained by the companies themselves ? And if so which ones are reputable ? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  19. noreenoconnor

    Waxing reaction - did I do the right thing?

    Did a half leg wax today , did the front of them and noticed nothing out of the ordinary , turned her over did the backs of legs and noticed nothing either but when she turned back around at the end if the treatment her knees were very red and hot and she had what looked like nettle stings all...
  20. noreenoconnor

    New nude Vinylux to go with new as Shellac colours?

    Sorry if this has been asked before and I've missed it but are there going to be matching vinylux colours to the new nude shades just realeased in shellac ?