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  1. tiatia22

    Nail Hugs

    How do you order these please?
  2. tiatia22

    Toner problems

    I told her the toner won't last and needs topping up with violet shampoo. The client washes her hair every day too. . She says sometimes it lasts longer than other times .but I always apply same shade same process time .so don't know why. Feel fed up.x
  3. tiatia22

    Toner problems

    The problem is because you can only bleach to a pale yellow. It can be a problem when there wanting 8/ 81/ 7/81 as your applying a blue over pale yellow. Which = green. Maybe I need a lighter pale yellow. Don't want it going white and breaking off though. I'm glad you think I'm not doing...
  4. tiatia22

    Toner problems

    Hi, I am not happy with my toners and am wandering if there's anything I could do different. Client 1. Has full head bleach from a level 5 to a 10. I then wash the bleach off clean it up with violet shampoo so I have a clean base then apply ct 9/16 leave on for 20 min to a nice clean silver...
  5. tiatia22

    L'Oreal lightening oil - wet or dry hair?

    Can anyone using the lightening oil explain how you use this and if used on towel dried hair or dry hair. Thank you x
  6. tiatia22

    L'Oreal lightening oil

    If using the lightening oil in between colour services on the root area would you use on towel dried hair or on dry hair to lift 1-2 levels? Xx
  7. tiatia22

    L'Oreal "lightening oil"?

    Do you use this on wet or dry hair?
  8. tiatia22

    From copper to blonde

    Thank you. It looks really lovely. Your very talented. X
  9. tiatia22

    From copper to blonde

    Wow that's amazing. How did you get it to the new colour? X
  10. tiatia22

    Wella red

    I use wella and kadus. It's very hard to get a red just a copper red. I find you only get a nice red with 5/46. Because it's a dark shade your not pulling up warmth when lifting higher x
  11. tiatia22

    Chemical burn from perm

    Did you remove cotton wool after 5 mins after the dripping stopped and reapply fresh cotton wool. Also apply barrier cream before the perming lotion solution. It happened to me a few years back. So I'm very carefully now. Don't beat your self up, it can happen .xx
  12. tiatia22

    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    Have you ever added a bit of 0/88 into colour touch and if so how much would be OK. Maybe 1/2" into the 7/0 ?
  13. tiatia22

    Colour Touch special mix ratio

    If I wanted to add 0/88 or 0/68 ct mix tone in to say a ct 7/0 to neutralise out orange. What is the ratio ?. Is it rule of 11 same as koleston special mix. ?
  14. tiatia22

    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    She was saying if I added 0/88 mix tone in the 7/0 ct it would go to a 5. Due to the 0/88 can go dark.x
  15. tiatia22

    Using 0/88 in Colour Touch to neutralise orange

    After stripping hair colour out and your left with orange would you use ct with 0/88 mix tone in to neutralise the orange. Last month we had a colour tech to do a colour correction day and our model who was a level 5 tinted colour wanted to lift up to a 7. The colour tech applied a bleach bath...
  16. tiatia22

    Wella Colour Touch development time?

    What's a negative weave?
  17. tiatia22

    Diet or calorie counting to lose weight?

    I went to class about 2 months. Have poached egg on toast for breakfast. Sw quiche and salad or jacket potato and beans for lunch. Chicken dinner or salmon jacket potato beans or gammon sw chips dry fried egg beans. A treat in the evening eg couple of jaffa cakes or small chocolate eclair (5.5...
  18. tiatia22

    Color sync use a level lighter

    Would you just go ahead shade lighter with all color sync?
  19. tiatia22

    Color sync use a level lighter

    It's mostly over blondes in foils. WN I mainly used. It's knocking my confidence. Client wants to know exactly what colour they will be, and I'm hoping lol
  20. tiatia22

    Color sync use a level lighter

    With color sync do you always tend to use target shade or a level lighter? Especially over blonde hair when in foils. As it's on longer than the stated 20 mins.x Getting darker results.