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    Pink hair and chlorine?

    ok so I've had streaks bleached then a magenta colour put in at the weekend. I want to take the kids swimming tomorrow but just thought will the chlorine react with it? Or will I turn the water pink? (Like I did in the shower!)
  2. pure

    Getting comfortable when doing a pedicure?

    Up until last week I've always done pedicures with the client on the treatment couch, I'm now in my new room and have clients in a Poang chair but I just can't get myself comfortable! I've tried kneeling on the floor, sitting on a low stool also a slightly higher one. Either my back aches, my...
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    SiennaX wax

    Has anyone tried the new SiennaX waxes?
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    Sam Biddle - Be Inspired

    Just wondering if anyone has done this online course?
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    HMRC Tax Credits self employed - being assessed

    Has anyone else had the new assessment from HMRC to see if your business is viable? I had a letter and forms through today informing me I basically have to prove my business' worth or I lose my tax credits. As a single parent this has terrified me.....and the information they want is mad. My...
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    Anyone done CND Extreme Nails L&P course?

    Just wondering if anyone has done this course? I thinking of doing this as I'm getting lots more requests for extreme almonds/stiletto nails and whilst I can sculpt them and they look good and last I want them to be perfect :) I will call S2 but would be good to hear from anyone else who has...
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    Reiki - cold hands?

    As some of you may know I regularly offer reiki to patients in a cancer support group. I'm used to giving treatments to people who are ill or terminal, but recently I experienced a sensation I can't explain. I started the treatment as normal, and quickly got my usual warm, tingly hands...
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    What makes you successful?

    Following on from another thread, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where those who have successful businesses can share their experiences and insights and perhaps give some tips. I know we have lots of geeks who are doing exceptionally well whether it be in hair, beauty, nails or...
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    Another S2 sale!

    I've just had an email from S2 confirming a Shellac sale starting midnight tonight :)
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    How do you display your nail pops?

    I have nail pops showing all my basic Shellac colours and several layered options too, but if I also did them to show all glitter and additive options there would be hundreds! So how many do you actually have prepared and how do you display them to your clients without overwhelming them?
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    How to get Shellac off clothes?

    I stupidly managed to drip a bit of Gotcha on a new white top, obviously it's un-cured, does anyone know how or if I can get this out please?
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    Instagram help please

    Ok firstly please don't laugh at my total lack of knowledge's making me feel old lol But my daughter (12yo!!) has set me up a work page for Instagram but I really have no idea how to use it! I have managed to find a few people/pages for me to follow but how do you get people to find...
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    Anyone tried raspberry ketones for weight loss?

    Don't know how I've only just heard of this but have been looking on amazon and the reviews to some of the products are quite impressive. Has anyone tried this and had success with weight loss and increased energy?
  14. pure

    CND stock and education in Bournemouth?

    Just wondering if S2 have lost their sole distributer rights for CND in the uk now that Bournemouth academy have gone independent. And also for those of us who have done courses there and bought stock there what happens now? Are they following a different education program? Do purchases made...
  15. pure

    Changing from L&P to natural nails problem

    I have a long standing L&P client who has decided to move away from acrylics and have regular natural nail manicures instead. She has always maintained her nails well and is addicted to using her Solar Oil :-). A week ago I soaked off the acrylic and was very pleased with the condition of her...
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    'Evonail' - treatment for cancer patients with nail problems?

    Just wondering if anyone had heard of this product - EVONAIL ?? I volunteer at a support group for cancer patients and their families and it came up in discussion as they know I am a nail tech. It is a product that they are being recommended which apparently, very successfully, can reduce or...
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    I have found myself thinking more and more lately about offering this as a treatment but could do with some advice from anyone already qualified, in what to look for in a good course. I already have my NVQ level 3 in A&P, Swedish, Aromatherapy and Indian Head massage. I have one Gateway course...
  18. pure

    Nail art - inspiration?

    I have never really done much nail art, but recently I have had several young new clients who are keen to have glitters and designs on their nails which is fantastic, but I just am rubbish at thinking up anything original! I have been looking through the many pics people have posted on here...
  19. pure

    Shellac removal wraps or Vamoos wraps?

    I need to re-order some removal wraps and not sure whether to try the new Vamoos wraps that S2 are retailing or stick to the official Shellac ones. I've also read on here about Magis Wraps too but don't know anything about them. Price will obviously play a part as Vamoos are so much cheaper...
  20. pure

    Skin numb after waxing?

    I did an upper lip wax on a colleague last Friday and today she has told me the the outer corners have felt numb ever since. I always get this for a couple of days after doing my own too but it never lasts this long. Does anyone know why this happens and if I should be concerned?