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  1. niksaki

    black to blonde...??

    Hello fellow geeks, ok i have been dying my hair a white blonde for years now..(professionally of course not by myself) then about a year ago i wanted a drastic change and dyed it myself to jet black (permanent) :eek::lol: anyway i do love the black, however i want to go back to blonde...
  2. niksaki

    clip in hair extensions

    Hey there everyone just wondering has anyone had any experience good or bad with clip in hair extensions human hair ones not synthetic..thanks in advance Nic p.s. thinking of getting some as my hair is quite fine..
  3. niksaki

    finishing gloss over polish how to..?

    Just a quick question.. i have heard people use say ibd intense seal or brisa finishing gloss over polish, now say the polish is completely dry. how do i put the finishing gloss/intense seal on, it isnt suppose to stick to shiny surfaces is it? do i have to buff the polish back a little bit...
  4. niksaki

    coloured acrylic powder?

    hey there, just wondering is there any way to make up a coloured acrylic powder, so take my normal clear creative powder and add something to it, but not glitter? i want an opaque colour without glitter, any ideas....i know there is a whole range of coloured acrylics out there, however i want...
  5. niksaki

    Soft white vs normal white (brisa)

    I am thinking of getting brisas soft white...still havent got around to it! lol does anybody have pics comparing the soft white to the normal white? and which do you prefer? thanks nic
  6. niksaki

    help me with my french gel glitters....:(

    ok ok...i know there are a million glitter threads! however i have been trying to do this for almost two years now and all ined up with is a great big mess and really thick zone ones! :cry: tell me how you do your french glitter gels please! * mix with your gel? * get a some gel then dab in...
  7. niksaki

    tips/tricks for ski jump nails.

    For those of you with clients who have ski jump nails how often do you need to retip? I am a ski jumper :cry::lol::hug: and i find it is really obvious by about week 3-4, so i am always taking off my enhancments and then redoing them again (lots of work) and i am keeping them pretty short...
  8. niksaki

    solar butter VS solar silk moisturiser??

    ok i ALWAYS use either solar butter or creatives spa finishing lotion (love them smells):) for my manicures, however i was looking on a distributors website today and seen solar silk moisturiser, I have never used this and am interested in getting the product, can anyone tell me the difference...
  9. niksaki

    creative posters?

    Where would i be able to buy creative posters in Australia does anyone know? thanks Nic
  10. niksaki

    qualifications to do makeup or not?

    Do you have to have qualifications to do special occasionmakeup? or can you just do it anyway? i realise this may be different in other countries but any information welcome, thanks nic
  11. niksaki

    a job affect condition of the nails?

    Just a question for you, do you think that the job that somebody does can affect the condition of their nails? this is why i ask, most of my clients have little to NO lifting at all anymore, which i am very proud of lol :lol:however my sister inlaw....(!!!!) she is a checkout chick who is...
  12. niksaki

    makeover for cousins 21st

    My partners cousin wanted me to do her nails,hair and makeup for her 21st birthdday, i forgot to take pics of the nails but this is what she had..mac 3d silver glitter mixed with gel. fairly long although not overly long and they were french, they looked super sparkly and glam! her makeup...
  13. niksaki

    mac pigment in gel?

    Just wondering has anyone ever tried to add say MAC pigments to gel? i was thinking about this lastnight and have quite a collection of them now, but was wondering have you ever done it? they are highly pigmented,superfine powders..? any comments or opinions? Nic
  14. niksaki

    dropped my pot of powder everywhere!

    OMFG! do you know what i just done? i went and bought a new pot of pink powder (creative) and got it home and opened it ( lol i know what it looks like but everytime i get something new i am always looking at it) and dropped the pot all over my polished boards at home....i am so bloody mad with...
  15. niksaki

    what is on your tooties?

    Just took the french gel (brisa) off my toes today....have had it on for almost a year and a half but were coming into winter here soon so decided to go for something different for once, so i opted for a nude/beige colour. with revitagloss on top, they look preeeety. :lol: what do ya'll have on...
  16. niksaki

    need advice about new shop

    ok i need some advice.... so we all know i use to work in a nail salon right,then a hairdressers,only they both didnt work out for various reasons (nothing to do with my ability to do nails :lol: ) anyway i got a fantastic oppt friend who does nails wants to open a nail shop, she...
  17. niksaki

    what are your nails like?

    What are you wearing on your nails right now? I just went from very long black french to fairly short and square black nails..i would add a pic but havent been on here for so long i cant remember how too ha ha :rolleyes:
  18. niksaki

    le chat coloured gels

    has anybody used le chats coloured gels? are they good? thanks Nic p.s. any news on when brisa will bring theirs out?
  19. niksaki

    update on me

    Hey there people! havent been on for ages now..just thought i would give ya'll an update on how it's all going..not sure if this would be the corrext section if not can someone please move it for me? ok after about 3 months of not really doing nails and job hunting for a 'normal' job to no...
  20. niksaki

    ski jump nails ever be normal?

    I have ski jump nails and wondering do they ever go to being normal nails? or am i stuck with them for life? i am getting sick of retipping all the time when they grow out and start sloping upwards lol hope this makes sense to you? also are they caused by biting? as i have always bitten my...