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  1. PixieBeauty

    Nail Tech required Chesterfield

    Fully qualified nail tech required to work self-employed in a hair salon to build up a clientele alongside stylists. Contact Tracey on 01246 224440 or 07979 458917
  2. PixieBeauty

    How to profile a target client type

    Hi all, I'm helping a friend look at the business & marketing aspects of her hair salon. We are looking to expand the client list (who isn't) but I'm struggling to get marketing & business ideas going without a target clientele. As a mobile nail tech I had my clientele clearly defined but not...
  3. PixieBeauty

    What are your salon opening hours?

    Hi geeks, I'm helping out a friend with her salon, the business side of things & would really appreciate an idea of salon opening hours across the board? Would you mind sharing what type of business you run & your hours (eg sole trader/home salon/small/large salon, hair, beauty or both &...
  4. PixieBeauty

    Shellac techs in/around Chesterfield

    Hi I am no longer trading but getting enquiries for this time of year. I'm looking for a Shellac trained & insured tech to pass these enquiries on to. I currently have a request for a party of five but need a good tech to pass on to. Please pm me if you're interested Xx
  5. PixieBeauty

    Mobile nail techs in Chesterfield/Dronfield?

    I am no longer trading and would like someone to pass on trade to when I get enquiries. In particular I have a lady requiring a mobile tech in Dronfield at the moment, I'm trying to help her find someone. Is there anybody out there??? It's easy business! Jess Xx
  6. PixieBeauty

    Teaching manicure in schools?

    I work in a school, and have been asked to look into running a manicure/nail art course for pre-16s. I'm thinking about doing a PTLLS course, but does anyone have any experience of having done this? Can you tell me what teaching or training quals you had, and what quals you managed to take...
  7. PixieBeauty

    Part-time beauty qualification

    I've read on SG of a couple of people doing p/t beauty quals alongside a full-time job. I'm a nail tech & would like to gain my full level 2&3 in beauty but can't find any part-time courses for evenings at any of my local FE colleges. Can anyone tell me if they've done this route, is it at...
  8. PixieBeauty

    Vinylux tips & tricks for application?

    As one of many who have ordered the Vinylux & not had any intro/training at The Event, wondering if anyone can share any tips/tricks on application before I get my hands on it? Any nail art techniques we already know of? Is it thin to win? Will it cover ridges or can we use ridge out base...
  9. PixieBeauty

    Industrial acetone v buffered acetone

    Hi geeks, Saw a post on Facebook about someone buying their acetone from their cleaning supplies company to remove product. I know we need buffered acetone but can't find any info on whether industrial cleaning acetone is really, really bad to use on clients. I'm looking for...
  10. PixieBeauty

    Leafleting on cars?

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's legal to leaflet on cars? And how do supermarkets view this? Are they happy to have you go in their supermarket car parks to put leaflets under it even legal to touch another person's property ie their car?
  11. PixieBeauty

    Would you forgive a cheater?

    Hi all, hope nobody minds me posting this but it's something that comes up occasionally in chit-chat posts about relationships. I'm asking a totally HYPOTHETICAL question here, but from someone who has been cheated on, I'd like to hear general opinions. I always used to think I'd forgive a...
  12. PixieBeauty

    Ideas needed for manicure!

    Hi all, I'm doing a manicure for a very special little girl who is having a pink ball to raise money for charity. Using standard polish, can anyone give me ideas of what you'd do? I'd like to make up a colour design wheel for her to choose from so anything appreciated, age 10 Xx
  13. PixieBeauty

    Mobile therapist needed Matlock area

    Hi not sure where to post this but I have had an enquiry for mobile nails/beauty in Matlock for a weekend in November that I can't do, if you're interested please pm me and I'll pass on your details Xx Sorry mods if not allowed! X
  14. PixieBeauty

    Allergic reaction to Dove soap?

    Hi all, Just after a bit of info/advice. My bf used dove soap on his face and came up in what looked like sunburn & was even stinging while he was using it (he's never used it before). Is this common?? I'm asking any skin/hair geeks after an interesting thread on Alkaline/skin ph's in the hair...
  15. PixieBeauty

    How many of you wear long nails?

    I really love wearing long nails & want to sport stiletto nails because I LOVE them and want to advertise my work. However, I just can't keep long nails on as - wait for it - laundry always gets one! So realistically, do you wear long nails? Does it take over your life or can you manage day to...
  16. PixieBeauty

    What YouTube channels do you recommend?

    Hi all, me again fishing for inspiration! Thanks to a lovely geek (Colour Fix on Facebook) posting a Naio nails vid from YouTube I've discovered lots of great vids I've not seen before! Whenever I try searching YouTube I come across a right pile of rubbish with the odd gem :) Can you share...
  17. PixieBeauty

    Biz books?

    Hi guys, not sure how to word this but here goes. My boyf regularly reads books by entrepreneurs to pick up ideas, hints/tips and generally learn the ethos of how these guys made it - think the Dragon's Den lot, Richard Branson etc. He started a company a few years ago & suggested a read a...
  18. PixieBeauty

    HMRC webinars

    Hi, A while back a lovely geek posted about an upcoming HMRC Webinar that I went on which was fab. Turned out they had just started doing them then, but now all their HMRC workshops are available as Webinars as well, if you choose. I spoke to a guy on the phone this week about them and have...
  19. PixieBeauty

    Please tell me how to do this?

    Hi geeks, not sure where I got these pics from, II reckon I've pinched them from you lovely geeks somewhere along the line! I hope you don't mind but will someone please tell me how to do these?? Pic 1: I want to be able to do the coloured flicks on the left pop and the black flicks on the...
  20. PixieBeauty

    What other forums are you a part of?

    As the title, I know Netmums/mumsnet has a big following but I'm intrigued/nosy to know-what other forums do you use regularly? If you'd care to share! Me - none! X