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  1. Nail Junkie

    Hair extension help needed!

    Hi hairdressers! Sorry, I've popped over from beauty needing help! I recently went from blonde to dark plum/red with extensions from lush us (rebellion). My hairdresser coloured my own hair 1st then added the extensions but my colour faded very quickly to a chocolate brown. She coloured my full...
  2. Nail Junkie

    Hair Extension help needed!!

  3. Nail Junkie

    Nail Geek needs hair help!

    Hello hairdressers! I've popped over from Nail Geek and need your expertise! I'm thinking of going dark (eeek!) and was looking along the lines of a deep red or plum colour but as I've never had such a dramatic change I wondered whether you have come across clients with a similar skin tone/eye...
  4. Nail Junkie

    Nail Geek needs hair help!

  5. Nail Junkie

    CND L&P coming off-confused!

    Hi fellow geeks, I'm kicking myself at this one as I don't know what's wrong! I have 2 clients (mother and daughter) who have always had gel enhancements and as I don't offer Gel they booked in for L&P. They have always said they get on better with gel but as an addict of L&P I was convinced I...
  6. Nail Junkie

    Facebook Page or Group?

    Hi everyone, I apologise if i've missed a past thread but couldnt see anything which related to this. After 3years i think i need to 'get in the now' and advertise on Facebook and Twitter. After looking at some fantastic examples on other Threads i have some great inspiration to get on with...
  7. Nail Junkie

    Unqualified nail techs! Urrgh!

    Hi all! I apologise for the Thread name but how annoying are these people! Just been on Facebook and seen a girl charging £10 for acrylic nails and £10 for hair extensions! I can understand new nail techs charging a low fee to gain practice but this girl apparently has 5yrs experience. I...
  8. Nail Junkie

    Discount & friends/family?

    Hi geeks, Just wondered what sort of discount do you offer friends? One of my close friends has asked for a full set of nails and I would happily do it half price for her but have in the past offered another friend cheap treatments for waxing and she books in all the time! I only work part...
  9. Nail Junkie

    Toning Tables - Do they work?!

    Morning Geeks! I've booked in for a free trial on a toning table at a salon near me and was just wondering if any of u had used them and what results you got from your experience? The salon guarantees a 5" loss but finding it hard 2 believe from such little wrk. What's ur view?? :-)
  10. Nail Junkie

    Shellac Pricing?

    Hi every1, I'm hoping to start with Shellac in a few weeks and just wondered what u are all charging 4 this service? Full sets, removal and reapplication and just removal. Thank u. :-)