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    Android and Apple apps now approved

    After weeks of waiting for the Apple app to be reviewed it was green lit in 5 minutes and can now be found in the App store. nJoy!
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    How many gel polish colours is your sweet spot?

    So, do you have a set number of different gel polish colours that you stock for customers to choose from? Is it a hard set rule or does it vary depending on time of year or collections released? How many is the sweet spot for you?
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    How to "App" in new site

    With the new server and site move, we have lost the connectivity for the old SalonGeek app. However this site has been designed to be very mobile friendly which provides access to all the areas and features of SalonGeek which were previously unavailable on the old App. So that is the bad news...
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    New: Taggin peeps

    Another new tool is the ability to tag someone in a thread. This gives other users the ability to clock on a link to get more info on the person in question as well as gives the member you are tagging an alert that they have been tagged. To tag someone, just preface their name with the @ sign...
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    New: Qualifications

    We have ported over qualifications from the old system and now you can see them in peoples posts as colored squared under their avatar. Each qualification has a colour blob which you can view by editing your profile (just click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page. No colour...
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    New: Easy quoting

    One of the many new cool features of the new site is the ability to easily quote posts (though this doesn't really work on touch devices). To quote a message, just highlight the text you want to quote and click the reply button. Go ahead... try it... I dare you :)
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    Welcome back

    The upgrade to the new site was a lot more challenging than I anticipated, but for the most part we are there :) Note that some areas of the site are still not fully functional but for the most part, everything should be fundamentally working. Do let me know if you come across any issues.
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    SalonGeek 3.0 Important Changes

    We are nearing the completion of a major upgrade to and want to take a moment to update you on some significant changes that will be coming very soon. The last major overhaul to the site took place almost 10 years ago. Since then, my day job has had me busy and kept us on the...
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    Our Team has grown!

    As we continue to grow and activity continues to increase, we have been working to identify and recruit additional members to our Moderation Team to better support you. Growing the Team isn't an easy task as the role requires a special blend of patience, balance and persistence. Our newest...
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    Reported Post by geeg

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    Qualify yourself

    We have been working on a replacement for the way Geeks currently categorise their skill set. The system is now in testing mode with the express purpose of getting community feedback to finish it 'er up. The concept lets you list your qualifications/training experience and choose which "areas"...
  12. The Geek

    Happy Birthday to YOU.

    10 years ago on a cold January eve, I totally geeked out and was born. What was supposed to be a little niche forum for the seriously dedicated salon professional turned into a large catalyst for educating, connecting and sharing. A place that has given me many brilliant...
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    I Heart

    Due to popular request (aka: demand), we have instigated the ability to "Like" or rather... "Heart" a post or blog. You can view a members hearts given and recieved via their profile. Go on... you know you want to fricken heart me :D
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    Oh, Sandi.....

    Our trusted, loved and valued Co-Admin Sandi (ValencianNails) has escaped. Sandi has been a member of for like 8 freaking years and quickly established herself as a great contributor that easily found fairness and balance in storms of drama. This is why she eventually was...
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    Happy Hanukadayoffmas

    My fellow Geeks, Whether you are chilling for the weekend or busy wrapping presents, celebrating religious style or simply hanging out with friends... Whatever your weekend is full of, we at hope it is with nothing but love, joy and happiness. Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Long...
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    Guiding the way

    With the new moderation team now in full swing, we finsh the torch waving tonight and release the original team back into the wild. We love you dearly for all you have done for us. Thank you :D With 2 of the Mod 2.0 members rising from the ranks of Geek Guides, this left a gap which we...
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    Mod Team 2.0

    After years of dedicated service to and the awesome community that has come from those labours, we wave farewell and give a deep, heartfelt thanks to our original Moderation Team (some of which have been with us since day 1!) who now get to focus on participating in the site...
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    Remembering Tom

    News of Tom Holcombs death last night started a wave of condolences and commemorative post activity on Facebook, Twitter and It is shocking and sad as there had been recent news of him coming out of his latest intermittent pause from the industry. One of the most (if not THE...
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    Changing of the guards

    At the heart of any community is the moderation team working quietly in the background to keep running like a well oiled machine. It is this team of volunteers that ensure is the worlds largest and greatest community of salon professionals. The team accomplish this...
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    Just a quick note to say that we have added support for linking to your Google+ account in your profile and your posts. You will also now be able to access other members social links direct from their profiles (before you could only get them from a members post). We have also added the Google...