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  1. Debra-Elle

    Hi Sallou, i just wondered how your training with Flirties went and how are you getting on. Is...

    Hi Sallou, i just wondered how your training with Flirties went and how are you getting on. Is there a lot of call for lashes in South West. I'm in Swindon and doing nails and beauty but wanted to add on another service. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Debra-Elle

    Choosing a peroxide %

    I currently have a lightly faded 7M Quasi tint on my hair. I would like to change it to 6W permanent, but i dont know what peroxide % to use. I got told to use 10 vol, is this correct? Sophie
  3. Debra-Elle

    Facial toning with electrical equipment

    I just thought I'd mention an exercise I swear by. I do it whist driving to and from work and other tedious tasks. Press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth hold (continously pushing) you will immediately feel you neck muscles working. If you make it a habit, eventually it...
  4. Debra-Elle

    thin, fine hair and perms, body perm & root perm

    My sister-in-law is in the same boat. She too has a shoulder length bob but her hair is very thin/fine. I have just unveiled my own hair after 14 years as I had/have alopecia (wore weaves and wigs!!)and although I am euphoric at the moment I wanted to see it a bit fuller - its still very fine...
  5. Debra-Elle

    re-abuser of mma

    Not hi-jacking here but wanted to share my frustration :irked:- I've done my sister-in-laws nails on a few occasions (not recently). I have told her about the dangers of MMA but she's been going back to have them done. I feel totally insulted for one but she says she likes the way they do them...
  6. Debra-Elle

    Should I Do It?

    This subject is a bit of a mine field because ultimately you cannot learnt everything you need to know in such a short period of time but you can learn the very basics and use that as a stepping stone - a lot of money for a stepping stone but I did the same. As a full time mum of two and a full...
  7. Debra-Elle

    Should I Do It?

    Find out what help you will get beyond the course, how accessible they are -can you ring them up when unsure about something. I trained over a period of time with a company that has advertising space on Salon Geek whereby the course is intensive but beyond that its up to you to obtain every bit...
  8. Debra-Elle

    many thanks Collin and greatful for my first 'friend'.

    many thanks Collin and greatful for my first 'friend'.
  9. Debra-Elle

    hi Collin, I was hoping you could advise if there are Tantrick trainers anywhere near Swindon...

    hi Collin, I was hoping you could advise if there are Tantrick trainers anywhere near Swindon, Wilts as i desperately want to train. Many thanks, Debra Elle
  10. Debra-Elle

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give it a go. Deb

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give it a go. Deb
  11. Debra-Elle

    OMG! This makes my eyelashes longer instantly!! The best thing I've tried.

    I'm hoping someone will be able to offer me some advice. This product looks absolutely fantastic but fear I am unable to use it. I had Alopecia since 1994 and last year all my hair came back (finally:green:) apart from the outside corner of my left eye. I have big eyes and love to frame them...
  12. Debra-Elle

    Roll up, roll up, come and get your bits waxed at Pro Beauty 2008!

    I will be going and would love the opportunity to be waxed by a pro and get some pointers, if you'll have me
  13. Debra-Elle

    Help with waxing longer hair

    Can I ask if there is a particular oil to use?? or am i being plain stupid
  14. Debra-Elle

    Client consultation card templates?

    Not meaning to hi-jack this post but hoped someone could clarify something for me. On the client consulation card I have a section which to complete and i'm a bit confused by it: Basic Skin Type - what does that mean? Skin tone - presumably you'd just put even or uneven Skin Colour - (I...
  15. Debra-Elle

    Who would you

    Phil Hunter....whhooooaaar!!! My 15 year old daughter and I both drool over him ...but hey I have no other half so Phil (or whatever your name is) I'm available. He's in Eastenders now(or was recently), the only reason I'd watch that depressing prog.
  16. Debra-Elle

    weight loss..

    This is to 'no way' replace other necessary meals but when it comes to a certain time each month I gain about 5lb :irked:(I know some of its water) but at this time I make myself a batch of carrot/apple/celery juice (bung it all in foodmixer with water)comes out sorta pureed, put in a squash...
  17. Debra-Elle

    Guilty pleasures....

    Fleetwood Mac and the Carpenters for me.
  18. Debra-Elle

    VR74 question

    Is this a standard question specific to where you are training? I've just had to answer the exact same question. Here is what i put for essential components for code of practice: Throrough client consultation, Health & safety Guidelines, ventilation, correct disposal of waste, risk...
  19. Debra-Elle

    Support Professionalism and Community Involvement

    This is a great help. Thanks a lot.
  20. Debra-Elle

    Support Professionalism and Community Involvement

    Hi, I'm working through nmy portfolio (NVQ2/IHBC) at the moment and wondered if you could help with putting an answer to the following questions on paper. In my mind i think answers are logical but putting into words is proving difficult.:o The questions are based on working as a therapist...