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  1. IHeartLashes

    Taking on self employed staff (60/40 split)

    Hi There, I'm looking to open a salon and ideally would like to take on self employed staff and do the 60/40 commission split, with me supplying the products, water rates, gas etc. If I go down this route, am I still able to use a central booking system (if I give them full data access to all...
  2. IHeartLashes

    How long does it last?

    Hi there, I've had 3 tans today and have washed the gun cup between each tan but forgot to on the last one. I have client due in now for the same colour I used an hour ago. Will it be ok or do I need to decant fresh ran each time? Thanks
  3. IHeartLashes

    Ink London at Pro Beauty

    Hi there, Did anyone visit the ink London stand at pro beauty? I couldn't go but I know they're releasing new nail tips on their website tomorrow. Did they have them at the show? Does anyone know if they're well-less, half-well or full-well? Also, did anyone purchase the new colours and if...
  4. IHeartLashes

    How long does solution last once opened?

    Hi there, I offer spray tanning but only do 1 a month if that! I'm going to run a promo next month. I've got 2-3 bottles that are half full. How long does the solution keep? Will it be ok? Thanks x
  5. IHeartLashes

    NSI odourless monomer question

    Hi There, im looking to try the NSI odourless spa monomer. Does anyone know of it's compatible with all NSI Powders such as the attraction and secrets powders? thanks. X
  6. IHeartLashes

    MacMillan coffee morning

    Hi There, I'm thinking of holding a coffee morning on Fri 25th for macmillan at my little beauty room but not sure how best to do it as it's quite a small room with no room for tables and chairs etc. Has anyone else held one at their salon? I was thinking of maybe baking a few cakes and...
  7. IHeartLashes

    How long can I keep the solution in the gun?

    Hi, I'm still fairly new to tanning. I did a a tan about 2-3 weeks ago and still have some solution in my gun. Is this OK to use or do I need to empty it out? Thanks x
  8. IHeartLashes

    Shellac raspberry?

    Hi There, A regular has requested a raspberry colour in Shellac. Any ideas which one/s I should order? Thanks xx
  9. IHeartLashes

    Possible reaction to LVL lashes

    Hi, I did my mum some LVL lashes on Saturday. She was fine with the patch test and treatment but started to get really itchy eyes on Sunday. She's got a lot of 'gloop' in her left eye and they are really itchy - she's debating whether to go to hospital. Has anyone experienced anything like...
  10. IHeartLashes

    Paraffin Wax before a spray tan?

    hi there, I have a client who wants an appointment next week for Gel hands and toes with a paraffin wax treatment on hands and feet plus a spray tan. Is this possible? I'm not sure if the wax treatment affects the tan?! Thanks x
  11. IHeartLashes

    Employment advice - does my junior have to be trained to assist?

    Hi There, I'm looking for some advice please... I've just opened a salon 2 weeks ago. My niece is looking for a Sat job as for the holidays. It would be great to get her in to help me with things like soak offs, data input, promoting the salon etc. It would be great to train her up in manis...
  12. IHeartLashes

    Which option is best?

    Hello, I opened up my own beauty room on Saturday and want to bring in someone to do massages when I'm not there doing nails, spray tanning etc. Do you think it's better to hire someone and pay them an hourly rate or bring someone in who is self employed and doing massages already and just...
  13. IHeartLashes

    Thick 3D design gels

    hi, Does anyone know where I can buy some thick gel colours like the ones used in this video? I'm in the UK. Thanks xx
  14. IHeartLashes

    Salon Systems individual eyelash glue (clusters), patch testing help

    Hi There, I did my training in party lashes yesterday. I spoke to my insurance company this-morning and they said to follow the manufacturers instructions for patch testing. I purchased the Salon System Individual Eyelash Glue (the one made for clusters) and called the company who makes it...
  15. IHeartLashes

    Staff question

    Hi, I'm opening a beauty room in June and ideally I'd like to bring another tech in to work with me a couple of days a week. What is the most cost effective way for me to do this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. IHeartLashes

    TS20 machine

    Hello, I'm going to order a TS20 machine as advised by the lady who is training me next week. I've found a few on Ebay but they all have different logos / branding. Are the machines all the same if they are 'TS20'? Is one better than the other? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  17. IHeartLashes

    Spray tanning newbie questions

    Hello, I'm doing my spray tanning course next week and being the impatient person that i am I want to order a kit now so that I have it as soon as I'm qualified! I think I'm going to go with suntanna along with one of their machines. My question are: How much spray tan solution will I need...
  18. IHeartLashes

    Colour changing gel polish in the UK?

    Hello, I'm looking to get some colour changing gel polishes. Does anyone know if there's somewhere I can get a few in the UK? (I've seen the ones on but I'm not keen on the colour choices). Thanks
  19. IHeartLashes

    Do I need a separate qualification for volume lashes?

    Hello, I'm trained in individual lash extensions (3years) and would like to offer volume lashes. Do I have take another course for this before I offer to my clients or does my original training cover this? Also for party / cluster lashes. Thanks
  20. IHeartLashes

    Shellac Gold?

    Hello, Does anyone know if CND sell a gold Shellac similar to their silver chrome but a gold version? Does such a colour exist? Thanks