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  1. loopylisa7

    Using a credit card on Paypal

    Do any of you fellow geeks use your credit card on Paypal (for ebay purchases) I need to do my xmas shopping and this year its going on the card! I want to buy a few bits off Ebay but I cannot for the life of me find anywhere on the net, info on whether its treated as a cash transaction or...
  2. loopylisa7

    Just qualified as a nail tech, now what?

    So I passed my complete nail tech course (4 day course with home study) So why do I feel like a duck out of water; I dont know how to get my business going, (I'm going to offer mobile and home based) and I feel mega deflated. I work part time so my business needs to fit around that for the...
  3. loopylisa7

    Mobile business name ideas

    Agreed, your full name works really well
  4. loopylisa7

    Mobile business name ideas

    I named my mobile business Beautique, because I loved it although I am nowhere near ready to launch myself into the big bad world yet! I intended on using the line - Beautiful nails at affordable prices. Its to the point, nothing too fancy. x
  5. loopylisa7

    Will it make the boat go faster?

    A real thought provoking post, but has terrified me a little! As a newly qualified nail tech, in an area where nail techs seem to pop up left right and centre, it makes me question whether in this climate, I am actually going to succeed?
  6. loopylisa7

    Starting a home salon

    Completely off topic but its my daughter's 1st birthday Monday. What a great day for a birthday eh? :D:D
  7. loopylisa7

    Nail art and brushes

    I have attached a pic for reference... :) I am a complete beginner with nail art. Could some of you lovely experts advise how to use the various brushes shown, i.e what kind of nail art they are used for and post pics of examples if you have any? xxx
  8. loopylisa7

    Tightlacing/waist training

    Its a shame they dont do thigh corsets, as I could definitely do with taking a few inches off mine!! :)
  9. loopylisa7

    This tickled me!

    "I'm sorry, you have freakishly wide nails, I'm going to have to charge you more..." Haha can you imagine!?
  10. loopylisa7

    Is a mobile table necessary?

    I was thinking the same about chairs! great minds....
  11. loopylisa7

    Tightlacing/waist training

    I think Dita Von Teese looks fabulous and it suits her image, but for me personally I dont think I could pull the look off. Surely it would make your hips/bum look enormous? ( I can carry this look off already thanks!)
  12. loopylisa7

    Ask the next person a question game

    I like to think we come back again as someone else.... Your soul and mind gets 'born' again. Sounds deep, but its better than spending the rest of my dead days 6ft under! X Factor or Strictly come Dancing?
  13. loopylisa7

    5 year old girl has been abducted

    As a parent these stories absolutely break your heart. The pain and anguish her family must be going through is just gut wrenching to think about. It makes you really question what kind of a world we are bringing our children into!? I really really hope the find the little girl alive and well...
  14. loopylisa7

    Marked client's table!

    We are all human, we make mistakes, at least you didnt have a hag of a client who responded badly. Feet up, its Friday! Have a wine and dont dwell on it, it could have been a lot lot worse!
  15. loopylisa7

    Ask the next person a question game

    oooh restaurant, i love being wined and dined. Any excuse to go out and eat, I'm there. Iphone or Blackberry?
  16. loopylisa7

    Exercising - what do you do?

    I used to do pole too and was the most toned Id ever been when I did it. Tried to go back after I'd had my baby, but you lose your strength so easily, and it costs a fortune doesnt it!? Shame really, coz I loved it. I'm now like you, do nothing, and need to give myself a kick up the bum!!
  17. loopylisa7

    Ask the next person a question game

    Hardly ever eat chocolate, maybe once a month? When I was pregnant though, I used to eat 3 family sized dairy milk bars a WEEK! haha fatty! few drinks down the pub, or full on night of clubbing?
  18. loopylisa7

    Ask the next person a question game

    that sounds delicious! youve made me so hungry! txt all the way for me, my whole life revolves around the written word, other than the spoken, haha! Have you bought your winter coat yet? describe it and tell me where from. ( I need a coat!)
  19. loopylisa7

    Ask the next person a question game

    The most valuable lesson I have learnt so far, is to not waste your life trying to please others, and to look after number 1. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?