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    Saeyang k38 or Mini Cro

    I have a Saeyang k35 and love it. Can’t fault it. X
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    Which course for beginners, UK?

    I did the VTCT level 3 in Nail Technology course at a local beauty school part time. They also used advanced learner loans. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how in-depth it was xx
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    Nail station/room to rent advice needed

    Nice to see someone local to myself.. can’t help with the query myself but I’m in Dudley xxx
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    Glitterbells colour acrylic

    Blimey! It’s possible as it works as like a base coat sort of thing and gives added strength. I would definitely try that xx
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    Glitterbells colour acrylic

    I use Glitterbels as an entire system but I have found I have to use their dehydrator, primer, clear base, file and cap. I spend a lot of time on prep though so that might be it. How long does it take for the nails to pop off? Xx
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    Glitter brush

    I just use a good quality fan brush and I’m very happy with it.
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    I use Glitterbels and am so far very happy with them xx
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I believe it’s so you don’t need to buff them over but I just do a tiny bit just for my own mind xx
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I believe it’s so that you don’t need to buff them over. Although I always do a tiny bit xx
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    Best place for nail courses Newcastle upon Tyne

    I believe Nails by Annabel/ Glitterbels training is located by there and have heard good things about their training. Depends whether you are looking for an all inclusive training or separate. I did my level 3 on a part time basis at a beauty school in Birmingham which was brilliant x
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I have recently purchased Glitterbels tips (all four kinds) and these definitely do not curve down. They are fabulous x
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    E files

    Yes serious damage to the nail plate. If used by in-trained hands they can be very risky.
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    New to acrylic and need help!

    I have also recently qualified and use Glitterbels. I love how easy it is to file and the colour range is wonderful. More importantly also long wearing! Xx
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    I use Glitterbels size 10 at the moment but also have the 12. They are beautiful and soft. For hard gel I use a NSI size 6 and a generic size four xx
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    Electric nail file

    I can recommend Saeyang drills. I have the k35 and love it xx
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    Pamper evening stall

    We were recommended to use ABT whilst training at our beauty school but we did receive a discount when taking out a policy with them. I must admit I just went with what they told me. X
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    Does NVQ3 cover gel polish?

    I must say I’m not sure. I just know that it has been covered in mine and most others I looked at but I’m not sure about 9 years ago. Sorry hun xx
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    Does NVQ3 cover gel polish?

    I am currently doing this course and it covers gel polish yes xx
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    Opinions on which nail course

    I am currently doing the level 3 VTCT in Nail Technology course and loving it. It is a funded course but it is very much worth it x
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    Coloured acrylic powders

    Yes I believe so. You shouldn’t mix systems as it can lead to all sorts of issues xx