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    When to start using models

    I am currently halfway through the acrylic section of my Level 3 Nail Technology course. This week we did infills, glitter and 3D flowers etc. When did you start using models and working on customers? Thank you xx
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    Beauty General after Level 3 Nail Technology

    Hi Geeks, I am due to finish my level 3 Nail Technology soon (I am gutted as I love it ). I am also interested in the Beauty General NVQ which the college also covers. I would start the Beauty General course in September. I eventually plan to have my own beauty room at my moms house. Do...
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    Candy Coat reviews

    Hi all, Seasons greetings! Has anybody tried the gel polishes by Candy Coat? What was the longevity like? I’m very tempted to give them a go but would like to hear your experiences first. Thanks xx
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    Hi all, Can you give me your reviews on this acrylic range please? Thank you xxx
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    Best training/long term kit

    Hi, This is my first post in the nail/salon community. I have finally decided to proceed with training in nails and begin my dream career. I have wanted to do nails for many years but suffered from a lack of confidence but feel it’s finally time to do something for myself. I am at the stage of...