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  1. chantell simone

    NVQ Nail Services FREE OF CHARGE

    I got a leaflet from Perfect Nails saying that they will offer the NVQ Nail Services course free of charge to those working without an accredited qualification. Has anybody seen/heard about this?
  2. chantell simone

    Anybody use Makeup International products

    I am thinking if getting this foundation palette :confused: Make-up International, Fine Cosmetics to the Film, Television, Beauty Industries and General Public Any geeks out there ever used their products and if so what did you think?
  3. chantell simone

    I witnessed a mugging yesterday

    I was on my way home yesterday coming from a job interview and whilst waiting at the bus stop I unfortunately witnessed a violent mugging This man appeared out of nowhere, punched a woman in the face and grabbed her chain! He was so forceful that he pulled the women to the ground I was...
  4. chantell simone

    Urgent Makeup Artist required for show

    Hi Geeks I have been asked to do a show for Vidal Sassoon (Kings Rd salon) this Wednesday, its about 10 models and the theme is Circus. If there are are makeup geeks who are interested please send me a pm. I know it is very short notice but I only got a call about this job myself a couple...
  5. chantell simone

    Emmerdale - Baby Daniel

    I am a huge Emmerdale fan I cannot believe baby Daniel son of the village Vicar has died, he was only 7 months old! I am still sobbing:cry:
  6. chantell simone

    supersize vs superskinny

    please tell me you geeks are watching this oh please a women who thinks she has the key to eternal life but having 4 prunes and 4 brazils nuts for breakfast! but wait for it she wants to prove that although she is skinny she does not have a issue with food :rolleyes: she feels food is to...
  7. chantell simone

    nubar polishes - are they any good

    hi i have seen these nubar lacquers on this website Home i was wondering does anyone use them? i am currently using china glaze polishes that i am happy with but this nubar range has some nice colours any feedback at all would be appreciated many thanks in advance
  8. chantell simone

    60 min makeover doing a treatment room

    i very rarely watch this show but i have just noticed that on 60 min makeover they are designing a treament room the couch looks quite nice and comfy
  9. chantell simone

    theatrical makeup course

    hey geeks how is everyone i have not been on here for a while, as i am learning to drive, it was my birthday on monday and i am putting together some projects for black history month so i have been mega busy i have got a place on a threatical makeup course, i am so excited! :) its starts...
  10. chantell simone

    salonwear direct fab offer

    hi i just thought i should share this with you all a free pair of trousers when you buy any tunic :) offer valid until 31st july 2007 and only available by phone on 0113 242 3370 Salonwear Direct
  11. chantell simone

    ibd soak off gels

    i saw these recently, not badly priced either has anyone used them i know there are not many soak off gels on the market and i wanted to know how these compare to the likes of bio-sculpture, calgel akzentz options etc
  12. chantell simone

    NSI Spray Tanning courses

    hey geeks i want to learn spray tanning i know that NSI are doing a one day spray tanning course for £100 + vat Spray Tanning - Nail Systems International(UK) has anyone done this course?
  13. chantell simone

    scratch mag - fantastic read

    i just got my first copy of the wonderful scratch mag :) a must for all nail techs its great and packed with info the only think is i have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of subscribing to it, but then my memory is pants for those of you who subscribe, you know what i am talking...
  14. chantell simone

    glitter fade and 3d nail art tutorial video

    hey geeks found this fab nail art tutorial on youtube, i think its pretty cool :lol: YouTube - 2 Colour Glitter Fade & Encapsulated Flowers
  15. chantell simone

    vat free @sallys

    hi anyone get a vat free vocuher with this months sallys brochure if so what are you going to get? i am going to stock up on some polishes and pedicure stuff i am sure i got one in March, not that i am complaining
  16. chantell simone

    Itchy Powder

    Once upon a time lived a beautiful Queen with voluptuous breasts. Malcolm the Dragon Slayer obsessed over the Queen for this reason. He knew that the penalty for his desire would be death should he try to touch them, but he had to try. One day Malcolm revealed his secret desire to his...
  17. chantell simone

    nail art business card holder - looks fab

    hello does anyone use these i thought they would be a fab advertising tool :idea: At Your Finger Tips > New In - Business Card Holder
  18. chantell simone

    robanda skincare

    hi i was wondering if anyone has tried this brand and what they thought of it thanks
  19. chantell simone

    Anyone learning to drive?

    so i finally took the plunge and i started my driving lessons two weeks ago:) i am learning with the AA and so far so good but my gosh is it expensive, my aim is to pass by my birthday (september) so come on geeks who else is a learner driver or newly qualified? or are there any...
  20. chantell simone

    black heroes in the hall of fame - a must see

    today i took my 6 year old daughter to see the famous BLACK HEROES IN THE HALL OF FAME which has been running for 20 years it is one of the best stage productions i have ever seen :) over 2 hours of songs, speeches and tributes to over 5000 years of black history my daughter loved it and...