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    Recommend a super quick drying eyelash adhesive

    I previously used Lash Revolution Pro+ from Beauty Revolution but it is no longer available. Any recommendation for a super quick drying eyelash adhesive with excellent staying power?
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    Silver shampoo & Redken Shades EQ

    Thanks for your replies on my earlier post regarding yellow tones in my blonde hair. I really want a lovely white blonde colour but struggle with yellow tones which I think make my hair look straw like!!! Can you give me your thoughts on: which silver shampoo you recommend a suitable toner...
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    How to get rid of yellow tones in blonde hair

    Hi Girls I'm not a hair geek & really need help with my own blonde hair!!! I go to my salon every 6 weeks & ask for really pale white blonde. I get a good colour but it's still got yellow tones & I feel it looks straw coloured within a few days!!! Does anyone know a good toner or shampoo...
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    Bust firming treatment

    Hi I've had requests for a bust firming salon treatment that WORKS! Any recommendations please Thanks
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    Nissim FAST shampoo & conditioner: any good?

    I've been looking for a shampoo to increase the rate or growth in my slow growing mid-length (reaches my boobs) hair. I've found a product called Nissim FAST (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) and would like some professional advice. The reviews were on the whole positive but some mentioned that...
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    Nissim FAST shampoo & conditioner: any good?

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    Which nail course

    My 18 year old daughter is thinking about training in nails. Which course would you guys recommend for both acrylic & gel Thanks
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    Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Body Wrap Leeds Yorkshire

    Hi I've been offering the SV wrap to my clients for a couple of months here in Leeds & the results are FAB! I've been offering a number of deals to introduce this new product my latest is: "Recommend a friend who has a wrap & get 50% off your next wrap!" What deals are working for you guys?
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    Collagen red light therapy

    I've been looking into this treatment & it sounded FAB! However, I've spoken to a number of people who suggest whilst it does work, it does not seem to appeal to clients as it does not give an instant result & takes a number of weeks to see any improvement in the skin. Also I'm informed that to...
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    Flower nails, Leeds

    Hi Does anyone in the Leeds area do the fabulous nails with flowers etc in the acrylic I think they are great.
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    Flower Nails Leeds

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    Xen Tan or Beach Bum?

    Xen Tan or Beach Bum? Has anyone used these spray tans & what do you think of them?
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    Which spray tan system?

    Hi I've decided to add spray tanning to my treatments 1 - Which system is the BEST ie best spray tan gun etc? 2 - Which is the best spray tan product? Thanks for all your advice in advance x
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    HD Brows...just a bit of a pluck & a tint?!

    Hi I've been looking into HD brows & it's been suggested to me that all it is is a bit of a pluck (ok may include threading) & a tint It seems an awful lot of money to train if that's all it is! Any advice & info would be appreciated Thanks:confused:
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    Permanent make-up to retail - is this possible?!

    Hi I love my PMU but in times of recession it's quite difficult to find clients to pay in excess of £350 for a treatment I've done some research & found there are retail products that can be sold as Semi Permanent Make Up that last uptp 24 hours. Has anyone any experience of these and do they do...
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    Facebook Advertising

    I have been approached by Facebook regarding advertising Has anyone advertised on Facebook and does it work?
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    L Curl Lashes

    Hi I usually use C curl lashes but have seen the L Curl is now available giving greater lift Has anyone tried these yet & do you prefer the effect to the C curl or do you find them too severe?
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    Brow Tinting Advice

    Hi If I'm doing a brow tint can I only tint the clients natural brow hair or could I also tint the clients skin to obtain an improved shape. I've only tinted the hairs previously but have been thinking if it would be OK to tint the skin a little I could obtain a imporved brow shape in many cases...
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    Cry Baby or Myscara

    Hi I know this has been asked previously but as both are relatively new products I thought there may be more feed back now as more technicians train and start offering the treatment Can anyone let me know which of the 2 permanent mascaras they prefer? I already specialise in eyelash...