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  1. Kelly-Tara

    How to keep my nails white??

    Hi there i use nsi extreme white gel, but find that they get really grubby, and they never seem to stay white, i put finish gel over the top of the white, any ideas?? Thanks
  2. Kelly-Tara

    How long to leave hair grow before wax?

    Hi there i am going on hol on 2nd july for 2 weeks and want to get a leg and underarm wax before i go, how long does the hair need to be before i have it done, and how long does it take to grow, i have about half an inch of growth at the moment, shal i just let it grow til i have the wax? Thanks
  3. Kelly-Tara

    Advice on using nsi balance gel over bio sculpture

    Hi there i am doing my friends mums nails tomorrow, she was having her nails done by a friend of mine who uses bio sculpture, but wants me to do her nails for her tomorrow, she still has a few nails left on, so i txt my friend askin what was the best way to remove them, she just said to buff...
  4. Kelly-Tara

    Help my face is burning!!

    Hey i have eczema, and have really dry skin on my face, i have always used eczema cream, but when i put foundation on after i get dry patches. I then started to use a moisturiser before i put foundation on, but it was a perfumed moisturiser, and after a few days my face started burning and...
  5. Kelly-Tara

    Ideas on where to move in uk??

    Hi there me and my boyfriend have been talking, and we have decided we are going to move away together and start a fresh. We are currently living in wales, but are looking to move to england somewhere, but i need help, which parts are nice to live? I want somewhere that isn't too expensive, good...
  6. Kelly-Tara

    Nsi Balance Basic Gel Builder, anyone use it?

    Hi just wondering what the difference is with the balance basic builder gel and the balance builder gel from nsi? Thanks
  7. Kelly-Tara

    Opinions on my nail?

    Hi there i haven't been doing nails long, training with essential nails, so just trying to practice as much as i can at the mo, i practiced on my thumb earliar tonight, using nsi balance gel for the first time and pro impression tips, also added a bit of nail art. Just wanted your opinions...
  8. Kelly-Tara

    Essential nail colour gel?

    Hi there i am training with essential nails and have got a £50 voucher to spend with them, i have been lookin at the colour gel that they do, just wondering if anyone has used them and what they are like? Thanks
  9. Kelly-Tara

    Trouble sticking tip on to nail!!!

    Hi i have just bought some pro impression tips, natural and white, i have just done a nail using the natural tip and had no problems but when i tried doin a nail with a white tip, it would not stick to the nail, i am using nsi polybond glue and nsi balance gel, and followed the instructions, but...
  10. Kelly-Tara

    Shampoo for dry scalp?

    Hi there i have bleached hair, and find that my scalp is very dry and flakey, just wondering what shampoo and conditioner would be best for this? Thanks
  11. Kelly-Tara

    Shampoo for dry scalp?

  12. Kelly-Tara

    Do you need a different uv lamp for different gels?

    Hey im just starting out learning nails and am training with essential nails, i was just wondering if i was to change the gel that i am using, which i think i will, do i need to change my uv lamp??
  13. Kelly-Tara

    A good foundation for dry skin?

    Hi there just wondering if anyone can help? I have very dry skin on my face, and am yet to find a good moisturising foundation, i always put cream on before i apply foundation, as i have eczema which gets rid of any dry patches, but find the foundations just seem to bring up the dry patches...
  14. Kelly-Tara

    Best tips to use with gel nails?

    Hi there i am training with essential nails doing the gel course and am jus after any advice really! What are the best tips to use for gel nails? i don't want to use tips that are going to be weak and snap, has anyone used the tips from essential nails? Also i am thinking of dong acrylic course...
  15. Kelly-Tara

    Help with Gel?

    Hi there i am new to this, I am currently training with essential nails doing a gel nail course, and was just wondering if there are any beauty shows or anything where you can experiment with different gel products. Also just advice on the best gel products to use. Thanks