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  1. kirstie1980

    App vs full site version

    Just wondering if there are things that can be performed on the full version of this site that cant on the app? I cant work out how to like other peoples comments via the android app. Are there any differences between the app and the site version?
  2. kirstie1980

    Is my technique outdated?

    Ive seen a lot of talk about Perron Rigot. From what ive read its the best wax product out there. Ive never heard of it :oops: Is it available worldwide? I also have read about a pre wax oil, never heard of that either. I use a pre wax lotion which is pretty much just alcohol, to cleanse the...
  3. kirstie1980

    App help please!

    Im using a Samsung Galaxy S5 and for some reason i can cut info from websites but when i go to paste it, it wont work. Csn anyone help me fix this please?