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  1. Annemarie

    Patchy spray tan

    Help needed I spray tanned a client yesterday morning and she has texted me today to say it has gone patchy on her legs after washing it off. I gave her aftercare advice before she left. I have spray tanned her once before a few months back before she was going on holiday and all was fine I've...
  2. Annemarie

    NSI glitter mix ratio?

    Evening everyone For those of you who use nsi acrylic could you tell me the correct mix ratio when mixing glitter into the acrylic please. I'm used to using CND so quite new to nsi products which I'm loving by the way. Thanks in advance.:)
  3. Annemarie

    Eye makeup before or after foundation?

    Just a quick question for all you makeup artists. Do you apply eyemakeup before or after foundation? Just curious as I apply after foundation which us what I was taught? :biggrin:
  4. Annemarie

    Apprentice expectations

    Hello all To those of you who have hired an apprentice what do you look for and expect of them on their trial day. Do you do a trial day after you have interviewed them? I do and to be honest I'm not impressed with some of them at the moment. For instance I have had a few who have just sat...
  5. Annemarie

    Smelly Brazilian wax

    I had a new client in yesterday for a Brazilian wax (I'm Kim lawless trained). Anyone that's done Kim's training knows that we start from the back first with the client on all fours. As the client undressed and hopped onto the bed I noticed a smell. She was a larger lady and I thought it was...
  6. Annemarie

    Age of apprentice

    I'm in need of some advice regarding hiring another beauty apprentice. What age do you prefer? A school leaver 16-18 years old or a more mature student say 19.24? I'd love to hear your stories and recommendations of who's best. Thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  7. Annemarie

    Beauty UK?

    Is there anyone living in Liverpool or surrounding areas who is going to the Birmingham show on the Monday and would like some company? I'm thinking of going again this year but don't fancy the long car journey on my own. :)
  8. Annemarie

    Which day to close?

    Hello all My current salon opening times are Tuesday, Wednesday 10-5pm Thurs/ Friday 10-7pm Saturday 10-5pm I have always closed on a Sunday and Monday. Most Wednesdays are extremely quiet so much so that I wonder why I keep the salon open on this day. I'm not sure whether to change this...
  9. Annemarie

    Cold Callers driving me nuts!

    I'm after some advice so hope one or two of you lovely geeks can help me. I've had my salon for nearly 2 years and not a day goes by that I don't get a cold call ( sales, utility comp etc.) You name it I've had the lot. I hate to be rude to anyone but sometimes I get up to about 8 a day and it's...
  10. Annemarie

    Safety bit for e-file

    I'm hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I use the Kupa mani pro e-file and need to replace one of my drill bits. It's the Carbide safety bit. I was trained by Julia Moran at the CND Manchester academy about 3 years ago. I also purchased my e-file there. The...
  11. Annemarie

    Brow serum

    I am aware there is a lash serum to encourage lashes to grow back thicker and longer and have heard there is something similar for eyebrows? I have a couple of clients who have barely any eyebrow hair due to over plucking. Do any of you know where I could purchase this from to retail. Thanks...
  12. Annemarie

    You can tell it's Christmas when?

    For a bit of festive fun I though I'd start a light hearted thread on the joys of the festive season. Fell free to join in hehe As the title says you can tell it's Christmas when...... All of your clients want glitter nails...:)
  13. Annemarie

    Need help choosing card machine

    I am looking into getting a card machine for my salon (long overdue) and really need some help with choosing the correct reasonably priced one that won't burn a huge hole in my pocket. Iygwim . I have been doing some research these past few weeks and have had a couple of reps call in. I've...
  14. Annemarie

    Urgent advice needed

    I have a client who has been coming to me every 2 weeks for cluster lashes for the past 2 months. She had been having sp lashes elsewhere and wanted to give them a break as she told me her own lashes where falling out. I checked her lashes before applying the clusters and they where very short...
  15. Annemarie

    Passionate or not?

    Evening all :) I have a question regarding apprentices/ employees What do you look for in an apprentice? How can you tell if an employee is going to be as passionate about the beauty industry as you? What do you look for? How long does it take you to realize they are not cut out or passionate...
  16. Annemarie

    Want too share - travel from Liverpool to Beauty UK

    Hello Is anyone from Liverpool going to beauty uk in Birmingham on the Monday and would either like to share the journey or mind an extra person catching a lift with them? :)
  17. Annemarie

    Uniform - How often do you buy a new one?

    As the title says How often do you buy new salon wear (tunic etc). I buy a couple of new ones at least every 6 months or when they start to look tatty etc. :)
  18. Annemarie

    Clients getting younger for wanting treatments

    I had a lady call into the salon today asking if I could wax her daughters eyebrows. Her daughter is 11 years old. A few weeks ago a client brought her 12 year old daughter in and asked if I would tint her eyelashes. I mean 11 for an eyebrow wax? I declined but offered to pluck them instead. She...
  19. Annemarie

    MD and problem skin

    Hello All I have just got a microdermabrasion machine into my salon and was after some advice. I have a 15 year old male client with problem skin. He has breakeouts on his nose and chin. His cheeks and forehead and everywhere else on his face seem fine, no enlarged pores or dryness. I use the...
  20. Annemarie

    Launch night

    Evening all. I'm planning on throwing a launch night for a new treatment I am getting into my salon. What time is best to ask clients to arrive at the salon for or from? I'm new to launch events although I did have one when I opened my salon last summer but it was during the day. thanx in...