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  1. Annebet


    Hello I have just gone to order Organics Rapid Tan and it is out of stock and I need it for the weekend, so I was wondering if anyone has tried the La Tan fast tan or the Nouvatan 20%. I wandered if any of these products are similar to the Organics Rapid Tan. :)
  2. Annebet

    Spray Tan after Pregnancy

    Hiya I have searched the threads but can't find anything about Spray tanning after Pregnancy. I sprayed a girl last night and she has had a baby 7 week ago, she text this morning to say she has a couple of patches on her legs, I did her friend also and she says her Tan is lovely, I know I do...
  3. Annebet

    Pedicure with Shellac

    Hi all I have searched till I am blue in the face and now got an headche lol, I have a luxury Pedicure tomorrow and wanted to know should I do the shellac before or after ?? as I am a bit worried about doing the scrub and it scratching or doing anything to the Shellac. Thanx :)
  4. Annebet

    Shellac - can I just fill it in?

    Hi I got a lady with shellac wants the slame color would you soak them of, or go over, there is hardly any groth so I was wondering base coat cover the little bit of growthin and thin it towards the end and then add the top coat ?? :)
  5. Annebet

    Bendy Nails LOL

    Hi My first ever problem with enhancements did a set 11th of may for her holidays, due to the flights being cancelled it was over a week before she got away, anyhow while she was away 5 day into her holiday she said the nails went soft and bendy so she took them of now bear in mind it was over 2...
  6. Annebet

    EBAY with Shellac already and Extortionate Prices.

    Omg Cannot believe what I have just seen on ebay always like to go on for a nosey and this is what I found. CND Shellac Nails starter kit - Gel Varnish hybrid! £105.00 This bid is for a base coat, a shellac 'Red Baroness' colour and a top coat, plus a nail file and 10 shellac wraps. ********...
  7. Annebet


    Hello I was just wandering about changing over completely to CND ? I have bought the Shellac kit with Lamp, but I use IBD for gels as I do L&P with CND and now Shellac am thinking it would be best to use all CND instead of IBD but would I have to do the conversion for Brisa ?? :biggrin:
  8. Annebet

    Window stickers

    Hi Do CND do windows stickers ?:)W
  9. Annebet

    What would you have done ??

    Hi I am feeling very stressed at the moment, I was doing a set of nails tonight and the person would not stop moving sat to the side instead of infront of me with legs up on my air con unit, I did the prep ect and then set about doing the scuplts 2 nails in had to ask if she would please sit...
  10. Annebet


    Hello I don't know who else to ask as I have emailed Samual Sweet and as of yet had no reply, I won't discuss the problem on here but if someone could message me and let me know who I talk to, or should I ring CND up tomorrow, thanx for any help :)
  11. Annebet

    CND Conversion

    Hi Guys finally booked my Conversion with Julia and now am bricking it, I keep thinking what if I am not good enough and fail, I am so so nervous it's untrue and it's a month away yet, what would happen if say Julia didn't think I was good enough what would I have to do ??:)
  12. Annebet

    CND education clarification

    Hello me again am just on to ask a question as I am a bit confused, I have been told from someone who has done a michelle Porter Class that she can now use CND Products this is the response she gave me to a message I recently went and done a course in Acrygel with Michelle Porter which was good...
  13. Annebet

    CND Website

    Hiya just been on the website having a look around dying to spend some money but gotta save for Manchester, do they have any glitter powder and can I buy the color powder or is any powder off till conversion. Thanx :)
  14. Annebet

    Tip Color change

    Hello Just a quick question, I have a set of nails to do next week, I did them 2 week ago but they will be 3 week old next week and she had pink tips on, she wants to change the tips to a different color, she wants me to soak them of n start again but I have told her she shouldn't need a full...
  15. Annebet

    Onycholysis help

    Hi Guys not been on for a while been on my hols and in hospital, anyway the question is I caught my nail while away on holiday and it looks like the nail is coming away from the nail bed, so I have got some curanail, will I be able to still put a tip on if I keep it short till it goes ? I know...
  16. Annebet

    Tanning Tent

    Hello I have the Tent from Tandare on ebay it's been great up to now 3 month later and it just will not fold back down never had a problem with it before normally goes down first time, I have emailed Tandare and he has said the frame is twisted but I have told him there is nothing wrong with the...
  17. Annebet

    Hvlp t200

    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a true HVLP t200 tanning machine as I have been looking to buy one and keep looking at the price and thinking next month then next month comes and same again lol I hae seen this today on ebay while having a nosy so can you tell me if this...
  18. Annebet


    Hi I just wanted to ask a question about insurance, once your have your insurance are you insured then to use any product even if you haven't done a conversion course with said product ?? or do you have to let your insurance company know what product you are using ??? Thanx :)
  19. Annebet


    Hello I was just wanting to ask about a 1to1 to help on technique, does the person have to be a teacher ?? or as long as they have been doing nails and passed the relevant qualifications eg conversions workshops ect. The reason being after a I have finished my workshop in September I was...
  20. Annebet

    Minx question

    Hiya I have searched the forum but can't find the answer I just wanted to know can you use minx over enhancements ? or is it a pain? as you would have to remove the minx on infill's ect, how long before you have to change them is it just during an infill ? and do you still use a gel top coat...