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    Descriptive business name

    Hi All, Im just wondering if anyone could advise regarding choosing a decriptive business name. I am qualified in a few different holistic therapies, nailv treatments and have sports injuries certificate. I dont offer beauty treatments so was wondering how i can collaborate what i do and make...
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    Gel FX over builder gel?

    I have just used my nail trainer to try an extension with a tip and builder gel, then using Orly Gel FX. However the colour looks a little patchy and i was wondering if this would be because of the builder gel or my brush tecnique? Picture to follow cannot upload via phone for some reason. Sent...
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    Natural nail side walls lifting

    Can anyone advise if natural nails would lift at the side walls due to bad clipping or filing or if it could be due to poss health issues or trauma. I have seen this on toe nails and finger nails. Sent from my GT-P1000 using SalonGeek
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    Straight edge nail clippers

    I was just wondering how many people use straight edge nail clippers as they don't seem to be a easily available as the usual curved ones. I prefer using them but cannot find any with a rubber grip any suggestions would be appreciated. Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    Finally found a video for manual infill

    Ive finally found a video for manual infill it shows reverse method but i think its really good although could do with audio commentry. Thanx nailzoo. What do you all think? Sent from my MT15i using SalonGeek
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    Finishing touches

    I was wondering what peoples finishing touches are for enhancements? When doing L&P i was taught to either use top coat nail varnish or UV Top coat. Also when refining the shape of the enhancement I seem to get scratches that don't dissapear when using a 3 way buffer and if I use some sort of...
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    Removing Sock fluff?

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone struggles with removing sock fluff from under the free edge. I use an Orange stick to clean under the free edge but I have a client who's free edge/side walls are quite deep and look like they are lifting. I am worried if I continue to use an orange stick and...
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    Base layer or no base layer?

    Hi Just wondering if anybody who does block colour gel or acrylic uses a base layer. I have really only been doing french overlays but would like to do a block colour gel or acrylic. I always use a base coat when using nail polish, as I have been told it protects the natuarl nail from...
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    Opinions please, can I do anything with this?

    Hi All, My mum has asked if I can help with her thumb nail (pic below). She had a dent caused by traumer some time ago and it has now grown out towards the free edge. Problem being she has been catching it at work, it's now split and tender if any pressure is put on it. She has also got a...
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    Applying Gelac

    Does anyone else experience flooding when applying the first coat of colour . I prepp the nail and apply base coat then when I apply the first coat of colour is seems to marbleize and seems to spread across the whole nail and is patchy. I mix the colour by shaking the bottle and still the same...
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    Natural nail length under tips

    I was just wondering how short natural nails should be when applying tips. I was taught to file down to a few mms but what happens if someone is growing their nails and wants french tips for a special occasion or until they are a length they are happy with. Can French tips with no well on them...
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    Silk wrap under gel

    Hi Can anyone tell me if they repair a nail spilt with silk can you do an overlay in gel? If so do you still use the resin and activator first and then remove any shine or do you lay the silk on the area to repair and then use the gel over the top as an overlay.
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    Hair removal, which is better?

    Can anyone advise what type of hair removal is best for a client with auxillary hyperhydrosis, waxing, removal creams, shaving or even laser removal. Posted with my Droid EO Forum App
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    Day course vs Parttime college

    Hi All Just a quick question. I have done various courses some of them part time evening college and someday courses. I'm looking at expanding my skills and want to do facials. What are peoples opinions on day courses, would it cover enough informaiton and give the same type of...
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    Sculpting tips with UV Gel

    Hi, I am having problems with sculpting tips using clear sculpting gel. Each time i try it seems to drop whilst curing and leave a dip between the extension and the natural nail. I am using disposable forms. Any ideas?