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  1. lauren.

    How much rent would/do you charge makeup artist?

    Hi, I'm looking to rent space to a self employed makeup artist in my shop. I've found a girl and have said I will be wanting £50/week, I will give her a key so she can have access up 7 days a week (I know her so don't have any issues with trust etc) She said £50 is fine but I just want to check...
  2. lauren.

    Self employed makeup artist needed

    Self employed makeup artist (a qualification in semi perm eyelashes would be an advantage but not essential) wanted to join us at my salon. Please email for details. Thank you x
  3. lauren.

    Last week in the month....

    Hi, Im just wondering if anyone finds the last week in the month (before payday) gets much quieter. The shop I work in has been much quieter this week, even the sunbeds and toning machine. I just remember when I used to get paid monthly that towards the end of the month I didn't have any money...
  4. lauren.

    Can eczema/eczema creams affect adhesion??

    Hi, I have a client who Im really struggling with...... She initially had a full set of liquid and powder (using CND Retention+) and within four days four nails had completely come off but with no damage to the nail plate. I, therefore, took the liberty to replace all four nails for her as I...
  5. lauren.

    Rep points disappeared?????

    Hi, 2 of my little blue reputation box thingys have disappeared?? I definately had 4 a couple of days ago and now only have 2. I can still see the reputation ive been sent in settings so am really confused. Also Im sure I was a geeklette and now Im a geeklin...... I know this sounds really...
  6. lauren.

    anyone had equipment/products stolen or used??

    Hi, I have just passed a trade test at a salon and am planning to start setting things up next week but Im slightly worried about my products and equipment ie being stolen, used etc when im not there. They have a desk set up at the front of the shop for me to use and also a room downstairs...
  7. lauren.

    Calling computer geeks

    Hi, Ive recently set up my own website and made it live about 3 weeks ago. It is still not showing up on google, even though there is only one other freelance nail tech in my area listed. I have read other similar threads and followed the advice ie getting links to other websites listed etc...
  8. lauren.

    Mr Site (computer geek needed!!)

    Hi. Sorry another website question!! I think im going to design my website with Mr Site but am a little confused about the packages. The basic package says 'webhosting available 75Mb' the next package up says 'webhosting available 150Mb'??? have no idea what this means and what kind of a...
  9. lauren.

    Brisa - what am I doing wrong?

    Hi. Im having problems with Brisa, in that after a couple of days the whole enhancement is 'pinging off' (this is the only way I can describe it). After completing my conversion I did a few sets which lasted really well, one of these was on myself but just recently they are not lasting at all...
  10. lauren.

    Brisa gel removal, help!!!!

    Hi, I have looked through past threads re removing Brisa gel but am a little confused. My book from the conversion says to remove bulk and then soak, however when doing this last night the gel wasnt budging when soaked (I used my easysoak and Mundo product remover). I have since read threads...
  11. lauren.

    Pink CND nail enamel

    Hi, while out shopping today have seen roughly 3 girls wearing a really bright pink nail colour. Am struggling to describe the colour, it is really bright and almost neon but without being tacky. Could anyone tell me if CND do something similar to this? Sorry if my description isnt very good...
  12. lauren.

    Black CND polish

    Hi, am wanting to order a black cnd enamel in the morning, but from the catalogue cant tell which is actually black, am looking at either nail noir, fedora or voodoo????? They actually all look black to me so am confused, any advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.x.
  13. lauren.

    Researching local competition

    Hi, Ive been researching my local area to find how many nail techs are working locally, so far ive found 2 salons offering beauty/tanning and nails and 1 nail bar (i think this is a NSS), I think there may be a couple more also. I would just like to know if this seems like too much competition...
  14. lauren.

    Which CND products????

    Hi, am enrolling on a cnd conversion in l+p (passed l+p foundation in 2002) and would like to practice on family and friends prior to my course starting, I know I will get a kit on my course but I need to buy some products now so i can practice. My questions are; 1. which tips should I buy...
  15. lauren.

    Advice re training

    hi all, I am new on this site so apologies in advance if I waffle on a bit!! I completed the cnd foundation in l+p in 2002 but due to circumstances at the time I ended up staying in my full time job. I did my family, friends and work collagues nails but never really took it any further...